3rd  July Susan Thomas and Beena


I am so excited to share this work done by my good friend Dr Susan ThomasπŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½. She did this 30 years ago when all our eyesight was in perfect condition😎😎.


What amazed me was that she drew this design on a cloth from an embroidery book. She could not find an exact match for the colours but did the best she could find. Then she used various stitches, long, short, stem and chain stitches, to complete that challenging design. Those unfamiliar with sewing will find these words quite bafflingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. She used linen material to create that border. I have to say, well done, SusanπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½. That piece hangs in her living room and still looks fresh as new.


She showed me her work when I posted my painting on a village that I did. That was 30 days agoπŸ₯Ή. Since then, I have been asking her to send me her work. Hence I decided to title this post 30-30πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰, sounds quirky🀣🀣🀣.


I hope more will contribute your creative work on this website. This website aims to write stories about the artwork posted here. Writing is therapeutic, like any other form of activity that we do passionately with love. I hope more readers share this with others to get a diverse art display on this website. Thank you for your contributionsπŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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