21st April 2024 Beena


Hello everyone. I am excited to share my experience painting a bouquet of roses and irises inspired by Vincent Willem van Gogh’s artwork.


Painting this bouquet was a challenging but rewarding experience for me. I used a palette knife, a new technique, and found it quite tricky. At one point, I even started to have an anxiety attack. However, my art teacher encouraged me to take my time and not panic, which helped me to relax and finish the painting.


Van Gogh painted a series of four bouquets on the eve of his departure from the asylum in Saint-Remy in May 1890. He had struggled with mental health issues throughout his life, and his time in the asylum allowed him to paint prolifically, including the famous “Starry Night.”


Despite facing many challenges and rejections in his lifetime, Van Gogh continued to create beautiful works of art. His unique perspective and style have made him one of the most celebrated artists ever.


We can learn much from Van Gogh’s resilience and dedication to his craft. Even in the face of adversity, he continued to create beautiful art that inspires us to this day.


Despite being born into an upper-middle-class family, he lived most of his life with his brother Theo’s financial support. He lived frugally and spent money on art materials.


I find the same theme in the lives of many famous people. Some examples are Galileo’s views on heliocentricism, handwashing suggested by Semmelweis, the Helicobacter P by Marshall and Warren, Darwinism or continental drift, mRNA vaccines, and many more.


Often, one is seen as an outsider, and if one stands apart from the common belief, the chances of acceptance by one’s peers are very low.


However, had his peers accepted him, would he not have painted the way he didπŸ€”? He would, and his brilliant art would have dazzled the world. At least he would be more at peace by that acceptance. How hard is it to be kind to others? I leave the readers with this question and look forward to your commentsπŸ™πŸ˜Š.

10 thoughts on “Acceptance

    1. Hi Eunice

      Glad that you like the painting. Now that you have been to the best art museums in the world, I sincerely hope you will enjoy the thoughts and paintings at this website. Please post your comments.


    1. Hi Shobha

      I feel during adversity, we turn to creative work because our brain needs distraction. Maybe thats why a lot of brilliant work was churned out during the dark history of our world. Just my thoughts…..


  1. 😷 beautiful painting, Dr Beena. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
    thanks for enlightening me on Van Gogh’s bouquet of roses:i only knew about his ‘sunflowers’.
    though Van Gogh was ‘disturbed’ throughout, the art he ‘created’ might’ve soothened his soul a lot.
    acceptance by peers goes a long way in the character formation and behavioural patterns of a person: lack of which sure creates problems from withdrawal from society to drug abuse to psychopathic behaviour.
    in my opinion, a true artist wouldn’t dwell much on peer acceptance. his form art would find nourishment from ‘within’. an artist who is not’accepted/acknowledged’ could be disappointed, frustrated and could be driven to the point of self annihilation. yet, he won’t be able to hide his brilliance for ever.
    any form of art would be the artist’s self expression.
    onlookers only need to let themselves be lost in the layers of hues and shades of the ‘work’ to know the artist. πŸ˜„

    1. Hi Beena,

      Humans are complex. Our minds are difficult to decipher. We are not sure what type of mental issues he had, but reading about him, I felt that he wanted acceptance from his peers. His talent never dimmed, but was only appreciated after his death. Maybe his technique was ahead of that time, am not sure, something to ponder now…..


  2. Very nice πŸ‘
    I like your courage to carry on painting till it finished and rewarding yourself with a beautiful painting πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. Hi Angela,

      I suppose painting is like life. We face the ups and downs of life. If I don’t complete this painting, it is similar to me walking away from the difficulties in life:).


  3. This is a beautiful painting. The technique has given it a 3D effect. The colours are so calming. Van Gogh would have been proud of you. Dare to be different!

    1. Hi Nyuk

      I wish he was appreciated during his lifetime. Glad that you like the painting that I did.


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