Being At Peace

5th May 2024 Mr Mani Menon


I wish to post my ink drawing of the leaf Monstera deliciosa, or Swiss-cheese plant. This common house plant is hardy and easy to grow and provides great health benefits. I hope you enjoy the pencil artwork. I wish to share this quote for my artwork.


Being At Peace

means that you no longer have the

need to prove anything to anyone.

You don’t need outside validation. You

used to guard your heart, but now you

guard your peace, because you know

your peace is worth more than

proving yourself to anyone.


Stefanie B Henry

1 thought on “Being At Peace

  1. Hi Mani

    I loved how you created those splits in the leaf, which is a distinctive feature. Also, those fine veins being contrasted against the dark shades of the leaf. Wonderful art work and please continue to support this website.



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