Black and White

18th January 2023 Dr Mani Menon


I introduce Mr Mani Menon, a self-taught artist, who has been inspired by pen. He used Micron pens of varying sizes to create this beautiful picture of flowers. Though we are used to seeing colour, I find a certain charm in black and white that speaks volumes about resilience. You only have limited choices, but instead of bemoaning your fate, you can be creative. I feel the quote below explains the essence of my thoughts.


Don’t let today’s troubles bring you down or allow you to question your abilities.


Don’t let life’s little obstacles keep you from trying, or become the reason for defeat.


Don’t let your fears keep you from dreaming or chasing your dreams.


Don’t give up for any reason. Believe in yourself, and in yourself, you will find strength.


10 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. Thanks for introducing Mr Mani Menon, a very creative person who has developed his own style of sketching in BLACK AND WHITE apart from this he can turn around ordinary objects ar home into works of art like our own Dr Ittymani Cheru
    Apart from sketches he can make snacks in a jiffy take professional quality food photographs that makes our mouths water
    All the best Mani !!!

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