Bouquet For Your Kind Thoughts

4th February 2022 Dr Tan Poh Tin


It’s the Chinese New Year. In Malaysia it is a public holiday for two days. Some Chinese businesses stay closed till day four.


Greeting cards are now extinct, replaced by messages on social media. Receiving them, even the viralized generic e-cards gives me a feel-good feeling – at least we are still on some people’s minds and phones.


Then there are those precious few who send hampers or delicious Kueh Lapis with their kind regards and gratitude for your past services and friendship. Wow, that is very special. Gifts like that are truly gifts of love.


Kueh lapis (“cake layered” literally translated) is a very, very rich butter cake. The batter is colored and differently flavored and cooked slowly in layers. (P.S. They should come with a health warning because one tends to eat more than one should or would with other types of rich cakes). 


This flour-dough art painting was handmade and painted by me in 1993, perhaps a whimsical self-portrait. 

The bouquet is for you, for stopping by and reading this – a reminder to be grateful for all those who hold us in their memory and their fond regards. May there be many more in your life.


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