Brilliance of Nature

5th April 2024 Beena


Hello everyone! I’m excited to talk about my painting of a recently completed cardinal. I lacked inspiration, so my friend Pradip Baiju, an excellent photographer, sent me some photos of birds to help. I was mesmerised when I saw the cardinal and decided to paint it.


In the photo, the cardinal was looking at Baiju, and we wondered if he was looking for a mate or keeping an eye out for a rival😂. Many of you suggested both possibilities, which was interesting to consider.


I challenged myself using heavy acrylic paint on black watercolour paper for this painting. This was an experiment, as translucent watercolours tend to disappear on black paper. Despite the potential difficulties, I persevered, layering the paint to bring this beautiful bird to life.


My friend Jen asked some interesting questions about good looks and natural predators. She wondered if blending in with nature, like a chameleon, is safer. Jen also asked, “Would you prefer a short life full of excitement or a long life with a low profile?”


My friend Yuwana has an interesting theory that the Angry Bird character is a cardinal, but I’m not so sure since I’m not familiar with Angry Bird😉. I’ve posed some questions for you to consider, and I’m looking forward to your responses. Also, if you’re interested, you can check out more of Baiju’s stunning photography on Instagram at pradipbaiju_photography.


I would be happy to receive photos that challenge me to paint. As a beginner in painting, I am trying out all paint styles. I have not decided on the exact style, though I think I prefer a loose style of painting. That is tough, and it will take me a long time to reach that style. But I would love to have all of you to support me in that long journey🤗🤗.

3 thoughts on “Brilliance of Nature

  1. Dear Beecasso, don’t ever stop painting. Your paintings are thought provoking. It provokes me to think of the artist and the painting itself. I would sometimes wonder about the mood you were in, your inspiration and the difficulties you encountered in creating your masterpiece. For this beautiful cardinal, I asked, ‘are you happy and proud of your attention grabbing good looks or would you much prefer to blend in with the surroundings like the chameleon ? Is your beauty a blessing or a curse as your predators easily spot you ? To all my fellow human beings, do you prefer a short but scintillating life or a long but low profile one?

  2. All I can think of is the talent behind this creation …. Simply amazing !!

    You brought the bird to life

    How do you get the eyes to be so full of life ?? ( well that tells you I am a novice in this field )

    Cardinals bring good luck is my understanding

    This one looks ? Angry ? Perturbed ? Pensive

  3. Well done! The cardinal is lifelike. Love the alert eyes and the brilliance of red feathers. No man is an island, spice it to your flavor, live it well each day in peace and joy.

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