Central Park

8th August 2023 Ann Chin and Beena


Central Park is situated between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighbourhoods of New York City. Ann has captured the essence of this world-famous Park. Her painting in watercolour depicts a scene where people are taking an evening stroll, some sitting on the bench looking at the lake in front of them. In the background, you can see the quintessential New York City with tall skyscrapers.


Central Park is the most visited Park in the world. It is about 843 acres. It was first proposed in the 1840s. The main attractions are the Ramble and Lake, the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Sheep Meadow, Hallett Nature Sanctuary and many more.


I am impressed by this painting as it is not easy to paint many features and capture the soul of the Park. The Park became famous for the tragic event in 1989 about the Central Park Five. However, even the sad story of the Central Park Five eventually had a happy ending.

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