Creative Stones

17th October 2023 Mr Mani Menon


I love to create something with anything. This creativity is somewhat therapeutic. Hence, I painted these pebbles. I will explain the process below.


Firstly, you need to clean all the pebbles or rocks you intend to paint thoroughly with soap and brush to remove all traces of dirt. After drying:

1.     Select the stones and decide their purpose first.

2.     Once done, draw your design on paper with a pencil.

3.     Transfer the design onto the stone. 

4.     Use acrylic paint as it lasts and is the cheapest.

5.     Next, paint from background to foreground.

6.     Dry with a hair dryer or air dry.

7.     Then, paint in the finer details with a thinner brush.

8.     Finally, seal with varnish or sealant.


When it is completely dry, you can display them and enjoy the compliments that you will get from family and friends. I hope that was helpful.

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