Deer Distraction

12th May 2024 Angela & Beena


Hello everyone. I would love to post this acrylic painting by Angela, who has contributed to this website with her beautiful artwork. She painted this deer from a photo at Nara Park, Kyoto, Japan.

Nara Park, a gem established in 1880 in central Nara, is beautiful and charming. Among its many attractions, the most enchanting is its status as a sanctuary for hundreds of free-roaming deers. Visitors to the park can experience the joy of feeding these gentle creatures with deer crackers available on-site🫠

I love deer, though one has to be careful in the wild as they can get aggressive. For those who read the stories on Rama and Sita, the golden deer dazzled Sita. The deer was a distraction set by Ravana, who wanted to lure Sita away from RamaπŸ˜”. Often, we are distracted by unique thingsπŸ˜‰πŸ€”. We try our best to get them, not realising that sometimes, what we take for granted is rare and should be cherishedπŸ˜ŠπŸ™.

Thank you, Angela, for inspiring me to write about your deer painting. I see a house in the background and wonder if these ancient houses of Kyoto are becoming more common as there are no more heirs to these propertiesπŸ€”. On that note, I will leave to write my following musings and hope to read comments from other readers.


3 thoughts on “Deer Distraction

  1. Interesting story! Rama and Sita I may need to look up for this book 😊
    The deers at Nara park may be a bit different they all seem to have been quite well trained and surprisingly can β€œbow”to strangers πŸ˜ƒ very polite😊

    1. Hi Angela

      it is something that I learnt when I researched Nara Park. The deer have been trained to handle the public. It was be great for people to mingle amongst animals.


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