Diversity is the Constant

14th October 2023 Beena


Hello everyone. I like to begin with a quote from John Stuart Mill, who said in 1867, ” Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men should look on and do nothing.”


It has been challenging for me to write about anything. I always believed good exists in this world. Atrocities have never ended from time immemorial. It just keeps changing its form and influence. Our human mind can only retain such painful memories for a short while. To live, we focus on other stuff to get by our daily lives. Hence, the horror is subjugated to another realm. We try to find a domain where we can exist.


Evil will get us nowhere. We are facing an increase in wars and natural disasters. The place changes, but the suffering never ceases. Our pain never wanes. Everyone wants a simple life. We want to go about our lives and enjoy time with family and loved ones. Living itself is a challenge. We do not need additional pain. Even mundane stuff becomes exciting in times of crisis.


Differences are the main constant. The global community will always be varied. The terrain in various parts of the world will be different. Therein lies the beauty of living life to the fullest by imbibing diversity. We can channel our focus and energy to creativity that enhances our lives and that of others.


Hence, I chose to paint and send my Friday greetings, as many have commented that you look forward to the Friday surprise. Some loved to get onto the boat to sail away. For others, they wanted a holiday trip on a cruise. I sensed both sadness and happiness in those comments. Nevertheless, I wish for the world to move onto peaceful days.





1 thought on “Diversity is the Constant

  1. Dear beena… an ideal world free of pain worries violence or suffering and happily ever after is a fairy tale we were made to believe as a child to give us hope in living.
    Diversity as I understand it, is not only in creativity but is what sustain the universe. , High low, positive negative, black white, beauty ugly , love hate … so the list goes and there is an opposite to everything to maintain the balance. These are only terminology humans have conjured up to differentiate and understand things and based on societal preferences. There is no absolute good or bad … right or wrong… is there? I am not justifying anything. But understanding diversity from a psychological stance has given me peace and stopped my urge to hope or to change the world at large.
    In my immediate and little world around me I survive peacefully doing the best as I can as of now. We are living in a world of information overload, that confuses , arouses, disturbs and panics our delicate mind.
    We have to make a choice to shut out information that we cannot contribute to or disturbs our mind and that does not contribute to our peaceful existence ……
    I close my eyes and prefer to take a cruise in that boat over the open waters that takes me to happily ever after ….

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