Down Memory Lane With Zara

25th December 2023 Beena

Hello everyone. Christmas has arrived. In a very long time Zara is not part of this Christmas. Nevertheless, I decided to share some of her pictures with a little narrative about her life.


When I first saw her, she was so tiny that she filled my palm. She was only two weeks old. When I took her when she was nine weeks old, my friends advised me to leash her for short periods so that she knew her boundaries. On that day, I realised I couldn’t set the rules because she was a fast learner and didn’t need many rules.


Oh, she was naughty, as she loved to wake me up by 7 am, play with the toilet roll, and chew specific furniture. Other than that, with time, she stopped all these habits. She loved car rides and going for dinners at friends’ homes. She played a significant role in the First Asian Congress for the Elderly by being the messenger. She held her first birthday in the department with two types of cakes so that all the staff could partake. She went to places where dogs are not allowed. Whenever I wanted to travel, she would place her toys in my luggage.


We will never forget her for her ball games. When the guests came, she would bring her ball to them and bark so they would throw it. She loved to watch others play football. I always felt she was a footballer in her past life.


Zara lived a full life. She loved everyone, and everyone loved her. She was famous, as someone once called me Dr Zara. That made me laugh. She left a legacy of unconditional love, as most pets do. She gave me solace during my difficult days. I was blessed to have her and Mika in my life. I hope to have a similar life with Yumi.


4 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane With Zara

  1. Zara came to life in your interesting and vivid recollection of her from the time you adopted her. Indeed it’s difficult not to fall in love with her.

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