15th May 2023 Mr Nandakumar


Hi, I painted this Dragon on a particle board using acrylic paint today. I don’t like wasting and always prefer using leftover material. The advantage of using particle board, drying time is short, it gives a clear finish, and the finished product need not be framed. Hence, there is no need to hack the walls. It is good to sit at a desk.


We are used to buying new stuff and hence lose our capabilities to be creative. When I was young, we often used leftover material to create new stuff. We have created massive amounts of waste on Earth. Hence by showing you this painting on a particle board, I hope you will try to paint on other material other than paper. Please share with me your creative ideas.

1 thought on “Dragon

  1. Hi Bro.
    Back in your elements. Good to see your work and the thought behind it.

    It’s so true that we all create so much waste while you think of create from waste

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