Finding “Mung”

1st December 2021 Dr Beena

Hello everyone😊. I hope everyone is well and safe. Today I present an artwork done using only a pen. I did this work during one of the art lessons before the lockdown was eased. I toiled as this has buildings with intricate architectural designs, and it is somewhere in Europe. I assume it is Amsterdam:). However, what was nagging me during the process was that couple in front of the shop. I kept wondering who they were? Are they shopping for themselves or someone else? Could they be an older Dutch couple? πŸ˜‰. Curiosity kills the catπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰.  Hence, I am going to talk about window shopping.

I am sure most of us, especially women, window shop and finally buy something or the other. It may be a mindless or reckless purchase ☹ which we regret later. I have done that many times. But usually, it is not wasted as I give them away as gifts😊 to my sister. But I find retail therapy enjoyable. Sometimes it is about getting dressed, walking in the mall, getting whiffs of baked bread and coffee and just seeing people and the decorations in the mall makes me feel good. I just read about “Mung”. In Korea, “Mung” means spacing out. It is a way to be alone and think nothing. So it can be in a forest, foliage, water or fire or the clouds. The pandemic has brought into focus our need to have our space. I think that is a positive development for our growth😊.

I find window shopping therapeutic. Eventually, I buy something ☹☹. But it is never a big purchase. I have learnt from past mistakes😊. Hence, during these uncertain times, find your “Mung”. I hope you will share that experience here with us about your “Mung”. My current ‘Mung” is slow swimming 😊😊. I find that very relaxing being in my own space, and it is inexpensive too😊😊 for a change.

Till the next musing, find your “Mung”, or as the Dutch would say, β€œNiksen” and may you find your inner peace😊.

8 thoughts on “Finding “Mung”

  1. Hi Dr Beena,
    I enjoyed reading your Mung musing. You have gone far with your watercolor paintings/drawing. This is such a beautiful art media too. On top of that, I thoroughly enjoyed your write-up (stories) on each piece of your art. Absolutely gorgeous & lovely!!

    1. Hi Esther

      Glad you enjoy my musings. I just share stuff that I learn everyday. It gives me great joy when others too reciprocate their thoughts.

      Enjoy your MungπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. Such beautiful drawing Dr. Beena, I’ve always felt my most precious ‘mung’ time is when I’m back at my parents’ place at Ranau, a small town about 2hrs drive from the capital city Kota Kinabalu. Driving home is also relaxing of which on a clear day one will be blessed with a majestic view of Mt. Kinabalu, south east Asia’s tallest peak. Nothing beats the comfort and relaxation being at a place where one was born☺️

    1. Morn Eric

      Thank you for sharing about Ranau. I can visualise the ride seeing Mt Kinabalu. Many have climbed that mountain. Am sure there are many stories about that too. Hope you will continue to share your Sabahan experiences here.

  3. Beena, I love your beautiful art work and your musings. Keep it up. Today, I feel so happy that I finally found the time and mood to play on my Yamaha keyboard. At the onset of Covid 19, there were so many disturbing uncertainties which affected my immediate family members. Now that these uncertainties have been replaced by brighter outcomes than before, I can go back to enjoying my retirement. Now I have the peace of mind to pursue my music learning once again. Nothing can be more joyful than this.

  4. About drawingπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
    I find the idea of ” mung” fascinating. Need to try. Keep ur good work

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