First Anniversary of Mika

6th February 2023 Mika’s first anniversary Terry and Beena



Hello everyone. It has been a year since the passing of Mika. Terry did this work in colour pencil and sent it to me. I have placed this picture on my bookshelf next to Mika’s stuff. I love the way Terry captured the happy face of Mika.


Losing a loved one is complex, and the grieving process can be long and challenging. It took many months for my crying to stop. Now I can reminisce all the delightful moments I had with this beautiful soul. During this past year, I have seen many who lost or are losing someone they love. My experience has helped me to share some coping skills. To most, I will advise that when someone is nearing the end, do the best you can. If there is any window of opportunity to amend past misunderstandings, please do it. However, I will caution against this step if the past event is somewhat painful for the dying person.


I believe in action more than words. Often, I have observed lots of kind words spoken after the person has passed on. All the love that one can offer should be when the person is alive. Nevertheless, kind words will not comfort the dead if you never had a good relationship with that person.


Mika left an indelible impact on me. Her loving personality and bubbly, playful nature gave me so much joy and filled me with bliss. I wish for everyone to have such an experience. Mika will always remain in the hearts of those who knew herπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.

7 thoughts on “First Anniversary of Mika

    1. Yes, I remember how much you missed Mocha. They will always live on Linda. They give us strength when we feel down:). That I have experienced since Mika passed on. When I feel down, I think of her.

  1. I know how close you were to Mika!
    Sambu was like that for me . We lost him 12 years ago!
    It is their unconditional love for us that we miss!
    Love the way Terry has etched you all around Mika πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Thanks Nyuk for sharing that video. She looks so well in that video even tho she had visited the vet before coming to your place. I still remember how she would hide under the chair while we all had dinner and emerge when it was time to go home.

  3. I cannot believe a full year has passed since Mika left us. The words you say in your reflections since her passing ring so true to me. Especially the need to show love with actions while the loved one is here rather than with words after that person has departed. As I’ve aged, more and more I try to live by that motto.

    Thank you Mika for having provided my friend Beena with so much love and so many memories by which to remember you.

    1. Hi Allan

      Thanks for your comment. We learn awareness from many sources. My experience with dying took me to a different dimension with Mika. Though I lost her, she left a beautiful legacy for me to share with others. I hope through my sharing, I help others to cope with loss of loved ones.


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