Flowers In Abundance

20210723 by Vasanthi Arasoo

Flowers make us happy and inspire us at times. What more than being greeted by a field of flowers? This beautiful painting brings to mind a saying that says, ” The very best relationship has a gardener and a flower. The gardener nurtures and the flower blooms.” In the case of this painting, it would only be appropriate to say that, “The very best painting has an artist and her imagination. The artist paints as her imagination creates the outline.” Looking at rows of wild flowers in a field will capture the heart of any admirer. The soft pastel colours used brightens the background and brings joy.

Talking about flowers brings back memories of flowers in abundance. One place not to miss is the Madurai Flower Market in India. It provides a sight to behold as cut flowers are piled up in heaps along the road side stalls and pavement. Flowers of all colours fill the place and a sweet fragrance drifts in the air. The mostly sought after flower is the Madurai Jasmine which is so pure and fragrant. So many thoughts rush into the mind when you are greeted by this amazing sight. Where do all these colourful flowers come from? Who buys these flowers? What are they used for? How could anyone finish selling so many heaps of flowers in a day? Like all miracles in life, this remarkable flower market seem to be one too. The demand is so great that all the flowers are sold and exported by the end of the day. The next day will witness a new beginning with hundreds of fresh heaps of flowers again. Some heaps can be as high as five feet tall. Truly an amazing sight to behold. Flowers and Indians cannot be separated. Flowers are used for many purposes from hair and beauty adornment to temple and prayer offerings and festive as well as custom usage. Flowers play a very important part in this community.

   I recall a hilarious incident during a friend’s wedding night. Just like all Indian weddings, lots of flowers adorned the temple hall as well as the bride and groom’s residences. It has become a custom to decorate the place with flowers as they bring fragrance, life, freshness and good vibes into a home. The newly-wedded couple’s room was a flower garden for the day. Rose petals were generously strewn all over the bed too. My friend jumped onto his floral bed with all the excitement of a new groom but to his chagrin, he landed on a misplaced thorn among the petals. He screamed and jumped up much to the shock and amusement of the blushing new bride. This story has since become a conversation piece at most family functions and serves as a reminder that we have to be cautious when in the midst of beauty. A slight slip can end up in a painful discovery. 

   Flowers do provide joy to any function and sparkle to any garden. Just like all things beautiful, they too do not last forever. Therefore just adore them for as long as they last and treasure the peace that they bring into your lives.

13 thoughts on “Flowers In Abundance

  1. Hi Vasanthi

    What a beautiful story with a history of the role of flowers for Indians. In fact, it plays a vital role in our daily life. However, the best part of the story was the twist in that story, it is hilarious.
    It will be a story for generations to come. Maybe with more twists…..

    Thanks for the story. Keep writing. Truly find your stories very entertaining.


  2. Ha ha ha. Thanks Dr Beena. Your painting is really beautiful. Loved the wild flowers. Wanted to add some humour to it and remembered the incident related by a dear friend.

  3. Truly a memorable experience of flowers….can just imagine the sight and scent of the flower market…so much a part of the culture in India…the sheer abundance of flowers available for sale makes me green with envy. A trip to South India, a must…thank you so much Vasanthi. Brought back wonderful memories

  4. Hi Prema, Thanks for being a wonderful travel buddy. Hope I have captured the Madurai Flower Market satisfactorily to bring back sweet memories.

  5. Hi Vasanthi,
    A beautiful read about beautiful flowers. How these beautiful flowers by our creator has become a part of us in so many ways and occasions. Even though we know they are a joy for awhile and wither the next day, yet we still need to have them continuously to bring brightness and cheer to our lives. These flowers are really something. Thank you dear God for your awesome beauty.

  6. Vasanthi you have this knack of creating an interesting story for yet another interesting painting… And what more when it’s about flowers. I love flowers. We all love them. They beautify our beautiful moments in life. Your story about those flowers is a painting with words just like the artist does with her strokes of the brush. Well done. I enjoyed your piece.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. You are so right in saying that flowers beautify our beautiful moments in life. They certainly do. Please do write short stories for Dr Beena’s paintings. I would love to read your stories too.

  7. Reading through your story brings me back to the poem “Daffodils” by Wordsworth where the persona highlights nature as therapeutic/heals/inspires bringing happiness to man. This I experienced in Turkey as we toured the tulip fields. The whole picturesque scene created a spontaneous overflow of happiness and tranquility. It did make an impression on me to date in times of loneliness and despair flashes of the tulips fills my soul with happiness and rejuvenate positive thoughts to life. This is my little story.

    1. Hi Veronica

      Thats a great insight into how tulips affected your thinking. It would be wonderful if you write a short story. You need to register n then post your story. Hope to read that soon.

      Take care

    2. Enjoyed reading your story in your comment. I can imagine the joy rekindled by reminiscing such moments. It’s as though every flower garden in our path has stayed on in our memories forever to be cherished when the mind decides to do so. Wonderfully expressed and do write short stories for Dr. Beena’s paintings. Visit this site, register and start admiring her beautiful paintings. As you admire and write whatever comes to mind, you will find a certain kind of fulfillment that writing brings to your inner self. Hope to read your stories soon. 😘

  8. Indians and flowers …….remarkable indeed 🙂
    Love the way the lines has captured the wildness in my heart as your story has resonated well with Indian houslehold humour but more importantly leaving a distinct invocation of deep rooted customs , ruffling my petals to wander through the familiar scents hopefully to rekindle a smile which shall dance silently to the eyes to whenever I am going to be greeted by any five feet tall jasmines ….may it in be in India or anywhere .!
    .Hopefully , u do a book as wel ,it would be very cosy to the heartstrings of most :). God bless :).

    1. My dear cousin. You have made my day. Your poetic nature is clearly depicted in your surreal comment. Thanks for the inspiration. Look forward to reading your short stories too. Do register at the site to begin your writing adventure. 🥰

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