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Free as a Butterfly

6th August 2021 Dr.Beena

Everyone loves freedom. We may not realise it, but sometimes freedom is taken for granted. I was inspired to paint this picture of a butterfly and a flower from a photo sent by Shobha. It was a photo of a Marble white butterfly on a Mexican wine flower. However, I was unable to get that bright orange hue of the flower. So I let my imagination get the better of me. Yes, my freedom to dream😊.

Let me explain a little about this painting. I used the shavings from colour pencils to create the effect on the right-hand corner of the picture. It appears speckled. In the art world, I would have to use Brusho. But shops here do not sell Brusho. Brusho is ink and dye-based crystal-powdered paint that blooms when activated by water. The effect is mesmerising. Though I was unable to achieve that effect, I was excited by the outcome😊😊. I was thrilled like the butterfly who gets excited to get nectar from flowers. I find watching butterflies very therapeutic. They are gentle, colourful at most times, and focused only on their work. Can we not follow their example? There is a common thread between butterflies and using the brusho technique. Both embrace freedom. We can never anticipate which flower the butterfly will choose. Likewise, we can never control the effect brusho creates. Both create magic by their inherent behaviour.  Every time I finish a picture, I will reflect on it. I am amazed at the commonality of both art and nature😊😊. Did that surprise you? It did for me😉.

When I visualise a butterfly, I sense freedom. Birds too conjure up the sense of freedom. However, it is not the same sense of pleasure with birds.  Not everyone likes birds. For some, birds are a nuisance. More so for those who live in high-rise buildings. Many birds fly into their homes, build nests in their balconies and generally mess up the place with their waste. Instead, we will be elated if butterflies were to visit us.

We take freedom for granted. Just look at how the pandemic took our free will away. Did we even realise that we are in the second year of being under the power of this invisible virus? Hence, until we are liberated from the shackles of this unknown entity, let us not imprison our thoughts😊. Cherish each day and keep ourselves occupied just like the butterfly going about doing its work with a great sense of focus.

I hope you enjoyed today’s musings. I acknowledge my topic today may trigger one to reflect on what the inference is. Freedom has many layers. It is very similar to a watercolour painting. There are many layers to create an effect. For example, if you scrutinise the picture above, there are many layers of colours to create the effect. The discussion on freedom has many layers 😊. I suppose we should not make such comparisons. Maybe it is best left to interpretation.  😊😊 Did I say that? That is what we do to art. We interpret. Some felt my flower was wearing a crown, while others thought it is jaded😊😊. Interpretation is our freedom to imagine😊.

Till the next musing, do stay safe and bye for now. We hope we can be set free from the pandemic😊. By the way, a little artwork that anyone can do.  You can sprinkle some shavings from your watercolour pencils on paper. Then spritz with water and enjoy the surprise.

18 thoughts on “Free as a Butterfly

  1. Freedom freedom freedom … the moment we invest our energy in anything freedom depletes . Nature is nothing but freedom. man made is all about attachment ownership. The butterfly depicts the soul they say. It appears to flutter from flower to flower with a sense of looking for nectar. Nothing that comes in its way appears to bother it…. do our best and leave the rest… is what echos loud to me. Freedom is no expectation or attachment. Into that space of freedom let my soul awaken

  2. Hi Shobha

    Thank you for inspiring me. I enjoyed painting the butterfly though not the one you sent me. Please continue to inspire me.

    Take care


  3. Hi Beena,

    Agree with you on the sense of freedom that butterflies and birds and other flying being have..

    On second thoughts are we imposing our sense of freedom on to their lives..is it truly freedom or is it for survival and ensuring the sustenance of the next generation? How will we know..can we truly understand from their perspective?

    So that brings me to another point.. when I understand a situation..perhaps I need to reinforce in me that it is from my perspective. Another person may have a different experience.

    However, being in the moment, enjoying..savoring each moment is something we can all do, without placing our interpretations on the situation.

    Thank you for the play of colours and images we get to experience every week from you. Keep making art and writing..

    Sending a rainbow of colours your way.

  4. As always, lovely painting and thought provoking musings. The topic of freedom and more specifically of free will is a favorite of mine and my family members. We have spent many hours on long car trips discussing whether or not humans have free will. It might surprise some who know me that I actually do not think humans have free will!! I do think that we appear to have free will because we do not understand all of the preceding events that lead to any action, but ultimately free will does not exist. What do others think?

    1. Hi Allan

      Unfortunately we live in a world with varying degrees of freedom. Some will even agree that too much freedom is detrimental to our existance. What we perceive as freedom in nature may be meant for survival. I think its a delusion about freedom😁😂😂😂. The topic is rather complex.
      Would love to hear more from others too


      1. Doc. I didn’t know you have two other talents beisde your professional one. The story is very relevant and the writing is in the English language that I am familiar with. This standard of English does not exist today.

        1. Hi John

          Thanks for your comment. The pandemic brings out the creative side of people. Staying home does have positive impact. Some of my friends started to learn music and compose their own songs. Some baked bread. Others learnt to cook all kinds of fancy dishes. We never know our potential until adversity unleashes them.

          Am sure you too can share how this pandemic affected you.

          Take care


  5. 🤩 wow Beens … you are becoming a philosopher ..!!

    ‘Freedom has many layers. It is very similar to a watercolour painting. There are many layers to create an effect’

    Wow golden words !
    Keep it coming!👍👍

  6. Haha Shaj

    Not philosopher. I would say fast aging entering into the winter phase of my life. That could be the real reason.



  7. Another beautiful painting, Beena aunty and I am intrigued by the Brusho effect. Will try that out soon!
    Yes, the pandemic has certainly taught me many lessons…freedom being the most resounding one! I have promised myself that once this lockdown is lifted, I will go out and enjoy nature every single day.
    The one other aspect I have noticed about myself is that being forced to stay physically locked down has enabled me to be more self aware, I notice a drive to get better emotionally and mentally with each passing day☺️
    More often than not our own thoughts are the heaviest shackles we use to bind ourselves!

  8. Terry I learnt something from you. Yes didn’t realize how our minds work during a pandemic. How we took our walks to the park for granted. I too feel the world changed at macro level. But at individual level our sense of freedom has been challenged. Confined spaces for too long will have its impact. Am certain in a couple of years we will know the bigger impact this pandemic did to us earthlings😂😂.

  9. Some of my readers had a different view about birds and butterflies. They still felt enchanted by the chirping of birds more than just watching butterflies flitting about.
    I think as humans we love sounds. I have to agree. I love the first chirp in the morning. It denotes the birth of a new day unsure how it will be.
    I learn so much from the feedback I get from our readers. Thank you. Please continue to provide feedback.

  10. A very good article during this critical pandemic time.
    If human being can live like butterflies, there’ll no war, no conflicts and also no corruption.

    1. Very good point Chiam. That is what we need in this world. To be able to live in harmony. We need to learn why living in harmony is better for earth.

      Peace be with you

  11. I loved this painting for the beautiful mesh of the colors and the gossamer capture of the colors of the butterfly wings.
    “Frolic” is the word I’d use when watching the pairs of butterflies on this big tree in the front of the house and I always envied the absolute freedom they had to explore and enjoy the sunshine of many a day. The conversations on this painting have indeed brought out so many hues on this blog.

  12. Good morning Beena. Enjoyed your art and thoughts. Freedom we often associate with a country’s independence or even in our personal life as dependent on our immediate family or the people we associate with on a daily basis. We allow voices actions of those we interact with to feel stifled by our curbs. We don’t realise we are stifling ourselves for giving another the upper hand. Thank you for the article and beautiful artwork. New day and a new thought a new lesson to be learnt. To be free or rather free ourselves from our thoughts and our understanding of priorities. Take care. Have a good day

  13. Dear Dr Beena,
    This painting has all the colours of life in it just like how it is associated with freedom in your musings. Yes, the freedom to admire beauty is all ours unlike many others that are trapped within. We need to search our souls and release it from all that holds it back. Always enjoy your paintings. Keep it coming.

  14. Dear Vasanthi

    Your words are profound and accurate. We tend to curb our thoughts and fear expressing them. For some even basic daily activities are curbed besides thoughts. So freewill is multifaceted and complex topic to discuss. Glad that readers are expressing their thoughts freely here.

    Take care


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