Gentle Creatures

7th February 2024 Mr Nandakumar



Elephants are the largest land animals. They are classified as African, Asian, & forest elephants with fascinating facts: the long trunk or proboscis helps in eating and drinking, and the large pillar-like legs allow it to stand as early as 20 minutes after birth. Asian and African elephants differ in the large ears that the African ones have. The African ones are heavier and live longer, up to 70 years. Their diet is mainly leaves, grass, and fruits like bananas and coconuts.


In many Hindu festivals in India, elephants carry the deities and play an integral role, adding to the festive occasion. Though we have read about incidents where the elephants have gone rogue and attacked the mahout and the public, they are relatively calm creatures.


I hope you enjoyed reading my story on elephants and my painting๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™.


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