Happy Accidents

17th July 2022 Dr Beena

Hello there! Today I wish to post a watercolour painting by Mrs Lavender Jong. She has depicted this young girl in a field that is full of sunshine. In this painting, she has used two techniques. She used a loose method for the background and a tight method for the foreground. In that way, she intends to bring the focus of attention to the young girl. I love this painting as the young girl seems happy with the sunshine on her face. Lavender has captured the girl’s naivety very well, a moment of joy😊.

Irrespective of age, we all have some aspects of naivety. However, some are more naive than others. It has a certain charm. I think the painting depicts life. We have both soft and complex parts in real life. The interconnected world of art and life is something that I am beginning to fathom.

In art especially watercolour, we always have the term “happy accidents”. It just means that sometimes an unintended action leads to a pleasant surprise. Don’t you think we have similar incidents in real life too? We may believe that the incident was terrible. However, later when we reflect, it may appear to be a “happy accident”. On that note, I wish everyone with “happy accidents” and cherish the joy that comes with it😊.

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