Happy New Year 2024

2nd January 2024 Beena


Hello everyone. Happy New Year☺️☺️. I don’t know about others, but it was about reflection this time. I lost my Zara in mid-December. That was hard. It took me a long time to come to terms despite being prepared for her passing. Finally, I plunged myself into decluttering my place. That helped. I was physically tired but emotionally started to feel better.


The above painting I did is from August Macke’s artwork as part of my classwork. I find this piece intriguing. It shows people watching into the river. However, the lone lady in the green outfit has no curiosity. She is deep in her thoughts. Many of us have been in that spot before. Sometimes, we are interested in something other than what is going on. That was my state for many weeks. I could not bring myself to write. But as I had art classes, I continued with my painting.


I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions as often they are broken. I prefer to work on what I can do and focus on that. Can you share your thoughts on your beliefs? I believe in decluttering. It is like a new beginning, like a New Year. We find it hard to throw away stuff, but you can always donate them to friends or organizations. While decluttering, I found letters that my nieces wrote to me. I found old photos from the 90s and shared them with friends on WhatsApp. It was lovely going through those memories and that our friendship has lasted despite the years. Thank you, dear friends, for being patient while I was silent. May the coming year bring peace🙏.

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