Have no Fear

20th May 2022 Ms Lillian Goh


Hmmm.. tada my first oil painting! 😊

About two months ago, I excitedly signed up when National Cancer Society Malaysia (Melaka branch) organize free oil painting classes under Mr Goh Ser Heng. There were FREE eight classes😊😊. I thought since I had done some paintings in my teenage years, oil painting should not be a breeze😊. Hahaha, boy was I wrong!

It was not as easy as I thought and I was too ambitious. I wanted to paint a plant with thin leaves that flow like water😊. Now after two months, this is my final product😊. Β Which is quite different from the real plant. Well, I will call that artistic licence. Everyone thought it was a garlic plant.πŸ˜…

Mr Goh is a good teacher, has lots of patience and excellent teaching skills. When I am in the class, I feel happy and liberated. Now that I have finished this painting, I have a sense of satisfaction. I achieved something which I didn’t have at the start of this class. I am grateful to my teacher for guiding me to that place.

I will continue with my oil painting but I need to find my muse☹. I love painting landscapes but now I know it’s too ambitious 😊😊😊. I understand now why artists and writers say they need to look for their muse for inspiration😊. Art is a great Teacher😊.

3 thoughts on “Have no Fear

  1. Hi Lillian

    Congratulations. First, you leapt so high. I would never plunge into oil painting as my first step to learning art. You are brave my dear. At the same time, I feel it is you. The colours are so vibrant. You have no fear just like how you deal with your life. You just dive into any challenges. Within two months you produced this art, oh my gosh, that’s absolutely fantastic. You have proven to everyone that once you set your mind to something, follow your passion and Do It. Well done girl. I hope you will continue to post your work on this website.:)


  2. I love your first ever painting which you have just posted. 2months oh wow, so many strokes of patience, thoughts put into it, eye for color, mixing n experimenting. I love the movement of the leaves n the shades of green.
    Love the word liberated!
    Awesome , awesome!

    Lilian, can’t wait for your next work of art.

    Keep 🌟 shining

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