Hazel’s Fish

19th April 2024 Ms Hazel & Mom Sarah and Beena


Greetings! Today, we’re excited to introduce our youngest contributor, Ms. Hazel. With the help of her mom, Sarah, Hazel created a beautiful, vibrantly coloured fish using paper and glue with a 3D effect. It’s worth noting that Hazel’s cousin Tia has also contributed to this website in the past!


As we can see, creativity knows no age limit. It can take many forms and is an excellent way to stave off boredom and reduce stress. At just two years old, with her third birthday fast approaching, Hazel is highly active and curious about the world around her. To help her focus, her mom thought that getting creative with some craftwork would be a fantastic idea. We’re thrilled to see the impressive results of their efforts!


I hope many of you who wish to be creative will consider doing so. It is a huge stress buster. Thank you, Sarah and Hazel, for contributing your work. Please continue on your creative projects and contribute to this website😊🙏.

2 thoughts on “Hazel’s Fish

    1. Hi Nandu,

      Yes, it is good that Sara is starting to teach Hazel at this tender age about creativity.


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