17th March 2023 Beena


 Hello everyone. Yeap, today let us look at the imperfections in my painting😂😂😂. The above picture is a watercolour with salt added to create an effect. Unfortunately, the salt was too wet since we had incessant rains for weeks😢😢😢😭. But I was ignorant of the outcome. So when I finally saw the result, I was dismayed😒😒.


But none of you knows me well enough. I am the type of person who doesn’t like to waste that painting that I did. I always want to salvage if I can😎😎. So I worked on it until I felt satisfied to post it as my Friday greeting.


So I gave that title ” Embrace the imperfections of life”. Many agreed; some said they find the imperfections despicable to embrace. I can’t accept toxic people at this stage in my life. I want to live a life without having to deal with more problems. When I wrote that, what I meant was about life in general. We all have diverse personalities. We need to find that path that will not break us; instead, it should enrich us😊😊😊.


Today’s musing is profound and thought-provoking, but I would love to hear your comments. Your comments will enlighten me😊.

11 thoughts on “Imperfections

  1. Well said Thank you Beena. I needed to accept that I may be imperfect and toxic for others. Take care have a poison free weekend.

  2. We say no one is perfect. Often we practice this trying to be patient and tolerant in life. However, each of us have a stage in life that we are unable to tolerate other’s imperfections. What I’m indicating here is the bad, toxic or even negative vibe kind of imperfections that we receive. My way of concluding is as much as we embrace any forms of imperfections in life, make sure to take a break to appreciate them just like the perfections that we have. Both are a part of our own life anyways. And remember, the Japanese used to say that true beauty is in the flawed, the perfection in the imperfection. “Wabi sabi” literally meaning finding beauty in imperfection – like a lotus flower, blooming from the deep mud below the surface.

  3. The Japanese have a beautiful expression for this honest acknowledgement that true beauty is in the flawed, the perfection in the imperfection. Wabi sabi literally meaning finding beauty in imperfection – like a lotus flower, blooming from the deep mud below the surface.
    Source Google

  4. At our age, we should be wise enough to tell constructive criticisms from toxic comments. At our age we shouldn’t be agitated by people who do not have our well-being at heart. Just ignore such people and disregard what they say.

  5. Imperfections are the spice of life! How boring life would have been if everyone was perfect in shape and colour and character!!
    Your painting is perfect enough for me beena! Salt and water colour technique ! What an idea !Lovely picture Beena !

  6. Life is always imperfect but one will never find contentment and any sort of peace unless you learn to “go with the flow “ . It does not mean you must not strive to improve those imperfections but not be governed by them. Try to love life a little more. Ps I think the painting is great and I can’t see the imperfections you see.

  7. Perfection is an illusion that is relative and subjective. The more we are aware of our own ‘imperfections’, the more we strive to achieve ‘perfection’ in what we do and create and the inevitable failure to do that, makes us feel even more ‘imperfect’
    I’m glad that you didn’t waste your effort. The play of colors and textures in your painting are beautiful and there’s a sense of depth in the flowers that I hope you develop in your next painting.
    This a photo taken from Orlando Wetlands. The frail beauty of a Cabbage butterfly enhances the prickly beauty of a wild thistle flower.

    1. Hi Baiju

      Thanks for your comments. Art is about practice. Am sure it is the same with your photography. Can you please add the photo of the cabbage butterfly with the pink thistle here?

      I find our quest to be perfect is linked to our societal norms. The pressure to be perfect begins from childhood and it never ends. I find it is even worse now compared to when we were kids. I find the pressure that the education system places on children is what breaks them. They are creating individuals with a broken spirits. That goes onto a dysfunctional society. But then the society blames those individuals. Maybe this should be in one of my next musings:):).

  8. What you see as imperfect in your painting, I see as perfection. I love it. It has a story, charm and character to it, just like every soul we encounter.

    I think imperfection and perfection are relative and subjective. I also think that often times, people are overly critical of themselves. Many are able to list their imperfections but are unable to list down what they like/the good qualities they have in themselves. Of course, we also need to be realistic too as to not fall into the Emperor’s New Clothes’ disillusionment. Cheers to life and the imperfections it brings.

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