15th December 2022 Beena


Hello guys😊. I painted the snowman. I have always been fascinated by snowmen from a young age. Even though they are out in the cold weather, they seem lifelikeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. They appear to survey the happening around them. I used even to think that they could hear usπŸ˜†πŸ˜†. Sadly, just like everything in life, at the end of winter, they, too, melt away😒😒. It made me realise that while we can enjoy, enjoyπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. Life is too short; the moment melts away if you wait too long. I see that in the smile of my snowman. Enjoy the festive season whereever you are. Meet friends, buy gifts, spend time with people who are unwell and bring joy to others.


I would love to add the writings of Rahul Kaushik


I like it when people prosper. I smile when a wounded heart heals

I love it when people come back from defeat.

I am that kind of soul.

I sparkle when I see people shining.

6 thoughts on “Impermanence

  1. Well … impermanence…
    That is a great name for your trending art style…
    Nothing is permanent anyway.
    This gives us the freedom to be flexible and accepting of everything and everyone.
    Keep going Beena …. the snowman does have a sneaky look in its eyes challenging us to dare ..

    1. Hi Shobha, I am surprised you have humanized my snowman seeing the sneaky look in his eyes:). Well, that is a beautiful compliment; thank you.

  2. Well written Beena. Never saw the snowman as a temporary feature as our minds have been tuned to accept certain things at certain times and not see that it is not there forever when we move on and look forward to new things. Looks like we have to always rejoice and celebrate as nothing is permanent in life. Thanks for spreading the joy of the season.

    1. Well, I kinda of felt there is an element of sadness in impermanence, right? But ignorance is bliss. We never know when the end happens and that is great to save us from our misery.

  3. First of all I like that snowman of yours, so alive in the bleak snow and he has no idea that he would be gone by the season’s end. That’s life ; nothing is permanent. Your choice of the title impermanence is very apt Beena. The smiling snowman brings joy to those who love creating one. Moments of joy and pleasure remain in our memories. That’s all the more reason to celebrate every moment that we get to spend with our loved ones. Bringing a little joy to those in need by giving our time and attention means a lot to them. So let’s celebrate our festivities like there is no tomorrow and make ourselves happy . Greetings to you Beena. Keep painting . You are bringing joy through your work.

    1. Hi Nila, Thanks for your comment. Yea I try to find hope where I can. We live in a world that is unpredictable. We are always seeing so many tragedies, that it is indeed a miracle to get by each day. I will write as long as I have readers, thank you.


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