Kola, the Rainbow Leopard

6th June 2024 Joy

 Hi again. This is my fourth and last feature on animals in watercolour. It is a leopard, though I had wanted a tiger. I learned that each piece of art stimulates imagination and creativity for the beholder, you, and the artist. Today, here is Kola, the Rainbow Leopard. 

The leopard, also known as a panther, is closely related to the lion, tiger and jaguar. Leopards are the most widespread of all their relatives, living in Africa, India and parts of Southern and Central Asia. It crosses its own territory to mate and hunt.  With their nocturnal nature, Leopards spend the day mostly sleeping in the sun, and by night, they use the cover of darkness to surprise their prey.  The leopard’s adaptability and hunting skills are admirable, much like the Wise Owl, Charles the Parrot and the ballistic Dal.

We are the keepers of the animal kingdom. Though they hunt and kill to live, we must aim to protect, care for, and fund projects set up worldwide by NGOs as each one suffers extinction. I have watched whales and dolphins at sea but have yet to be entertained by one of these graceful creatures kept within four walls….. 

These are my thoughts. I hope you will share with me your thoughts🤗🙏.




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