Let’s make a pact

27th March 2023 Beena



Hello guys😊. When Riccardo sent me the photo that he took in Trieste, I was determined to paint it. I always wanted to paint street lights and never knew how to do it. Riccardo took the photo at twilight, and hence it was pretty dark. I assumed it must be sunset.


I began this painting with a slight disaster. I accidentally smeared the red paint on my hand onto the white paper. But my art teacher told me not to panic as that area would be painted dark. Yea, I don’t think anyone noticed that😎😎.


However, the comments amazed me. Like all of you, it has been a long since I strolled with a friend. In this frantic life, taking a walk would be a luxury. But we will regret such moments in our twilight years, don’t you think so? Hence, I have made a pact with some friends that we will go for a walk when we get a chance. We need to make that happen as time waits for no one. I don’t wish to say, ” I wish I had done that to my friend”. πŸ€”πŸ€¨


Hence to all who liked that painting, let us try to find time for our friends. Even if you can’t walk, try to call and have a chat; it is therapeuticπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™.

4 thoughts on “Let’s make a pact

  1. I’m waiting for you to call πŸ˜„!
    It’s true we do get caught up in our own little lives. The pandemic has reinforced that and made life very isolated. I’m happy to say that I recently took a stroll on the Santubong beach promenade with a friend and in the midday sun – with our umbrellas!

    1. Yes am guilty of that. Been thinking many times to call you but something happens. Soon, we must catch up:)

  2. Hi..Beena…lovely painting and ur writing….ur street lights r beautiful!!!… waiting for you dear….long time !!

    1. Hi my dear

      Glad you liked this story. I am always encouraged by your kind words. Yes, one day we will meet and hopefully we can take a stroll:)

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