Look Up, Let Hope Soar High

22nd August 2021 Dr.Beena

Hello guys

 Yes, look up. I love this painting. It is like you are standing or lying on the ground looking at the tree. Have you done that? Most times, we walk with our heads looking down. For me, I need to look at the ground as I have fallen too many times because I got distracted. I do not wish that for anyone.

 Back to this painting, I used a new tool here.  Would you believe it if I say that I used twigs to paint those branches? It was a delightful experience😊😊. There were no constraints as it was freestyle. Strangely, I felt so much at peace. Then it occurred to me of something that I read a while ago. It is about looking at the sky when you feel low. It is funny how nature grounds us. Some research suggests the benefits of looking at the sky may be better than just a pleasant feeling.

 Let me share my experience. When I used to be super stressed from work, I enjoyed walking in an open place with a good view of the sky. I feel a sense of space and the lovely hues in the sky with cloud formations make you want to jump onto those clouds and look yonder. Hmm. Isn’t that a beautiful feeling? Somehow after the walk, even though my problem was not solved, I was not feeling anxious. I kind of feel uplifted like the branches of the tree that I drew with the twig.

 I sent this picture as my Friday greeting and received some feedback. Some of my friends commented that they would prefer sitting under the tree and eating their sandwiches😉😉. Now, these friends are satisfied with life 😉. For others, the painting reminded them of Onam, the harvest festival I described in my earlier picture. For others, it reminded them of the lovely flowers of summer. For some, they felt uplifted like the branches of the tree. What a wide range of perspectives? Each of them finding a different meaning. However, I had an intention with that picture. Did that picture generate feelings of hope? My wish is fulfilled if I wrote the title: Look Up, Let Hope Soar High😊.

 Till the next musing, stay safe and keep hope alive. Bye for now. This picture was based on a tutorial by Yong Chen.

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