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30th April 2022 Dr Beena


Hello everyone. Today, I will share my thoughts on a painting by Mrs Kala Pohl. It is about a cup of coffee😊. She was inspired to paint this by the following quote.


“Drink your tea slowly and reverently… As if it is the axis on which the earth revolves. Slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment. Only this moment is life.”


~ Thich Nhat Han


Kala paints with acrylic medium most time. Now she is on digital art. It is something new for me. Hence, I will describe a little about it. It is a technique in that you do not need actual paints. You make the art on an iPad. Unlike solid colour, you make colour changes and create shadows without fear. Isn’t that encouraging for many who fear painting😊? I may have missed some of the technical details here.


I love drinking coffee in the morning. I consider that to be my “me time”. It is the whole act of brewing the coffee and sipping it, looking at my plants. Many of you know that “me time” is crucial for our health. With never-ending chaos, “me time” is a luxury in our hectic lives.


Nevertheless, grab that time; it is yours and life-saving. Everyone’s “me time” differs. For some, it may be cooking; for others, it could be sitting amongst bushes, waiting for the right moment to capture a beautiful picture with another living creature. A friend just sent me a beautiful photo of a Monarch butterfly that he took while waiting for a surprise. Strangely, when I looked at that photo, it made me smile. Hence dear friends, today’s challenge is to make someone smile, can you?



5 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. Interesting short story for my weekend “me time”
    Yes most adults M’sian would start their “me time” with a cup of coffee and reading the dailies or just relax their minds day dreaming.

  2. Dear Beena,

    The story above put a smile on my face. So did a poem I received on the same day from my great friend and sister-in-law. Here is the poem she sent me. Do you think you could make a painting to go with this poem so that I may share it back with her (and hopefully put a smile on her face)?



    i saw my grandmother hold out
    her hand cupping a small offering
    of seed to one of the wild sparrows
    that frequented the bird bath she
    filled with fresh water every day

    she stood still
    maybe stopped breathing
    while the sparrow looked
    at her, then the seed
    then back as if he was
    judging her character

    he jumped into her hand
    began to eat
    she smiled

    a woman holding
    a small god

    1. Hahaha you made me laugh. I am not a natural artist but let me see what I can come up with. It is good to have a challenge;)

  3. ME TIME

    that matches the
    saying by Thich Nhat Han…. drink your tea reverently
    its nice that Ms Kala pohl has resorted to digital art on iPad

    though im a novice in digital art form is the medium of the future
    its ecofriendly,needs minimum space,not messy, we can create
    THE’ exact ‘shade easily & can be formatted in a manner
    that the Artist WANTS

    talking of ME TIME invariably i get a whats up msg
    usually a photograph from a friend of mine he takes
    a morning walk and clicks flowers, birds, insects,
    and whatever catches his attention mosly…. a study of flowers
    sometimes he has to wait for the right momment to catch two ants saying hi !!!
    to each other or wait for that spider or dragonfly move
    to the right position for stunning pictures

    kudos to Kala Pohl for capturing the ME TIME momment
    iPad art is here to stay


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