7th February 2022 Dr Beena

Hello everyone. Today I wish to share about my beautiful dog named Mika. When I first met her, it was via a photo sent to me by my friend who knew I was in desperate need of a dog as my older dog Zara was unwell. I fell in love with her at first sight😊. She had a long, arduous journey from Bandung, Indonesia. When I picked her up from the local breeder’s place, she was so excited, and in the car, her eyes spoke to me, “thank you, mummy” 😊😊. Mika loved Zara the moment she met her. But it took Zara a while to accept this bubbly little bundle of joy.

I introduced Mika to my friends, and everyone loved her. She has this intrinsic endearing nature, and the staff at the Vet’s clinic loved her. She loved everyone, even the gardener and the part-time helper.

I will describe some of her favourite antics. One is tugging at Zara’s ears, taking the toys from Zara with great stealth 😊 and of course tearing the pages of books from the bottom shelves. I would take her for walks by carrying her as she was small and so cuddly. All the neighbours befriended her. Those moments of walking gave me absolute bliss as Mika was thrilled with a big smile on her face.

At eighteen months of age, she poked her eye into a sharp object and had two surgeries. I thought she would lose that eye. However, she recovered and bounced back. In March 2020, she chewed a toy that got stuck in her oesophagus, and after the surgery, she returned with great energy. However, I noticed that in December 2020, she always looked sad despite the walks. She would pee in the wrong places. It seems like she is confused. However, when she began to show disinterest in her food by May, I brought her to the Vet. When I received the shocking news that she had Stage 3 Congenital Kidney Disease (Renal Dysplasia), my world crumbled☹☹☹. But my girl improved with the medical treatment and continued to entertain me with her playfulness. One of the signs that her mood was back was when she started to tear up my books on the lower shelf😉. In December 2021, her spirit dropped, so I took her to the Vet, and her blood tests were not good. The Vet restarted the treatment with fluids given subcutaneously. The brave little girl endured this, and once again, she improved. Unfortunately, the medicine for the kidney has been out of stock in Malaysia since January 2022. I purchased another medication online that helped her get her energy back. I was relieved but noticed that she didn’t chew at the pages from the books as much☹☹.

Then, on 28th January, she developed a fever and was put on antibiotics. She responded, but her appetite changed. I had to cook different meals each time as her food preferences had changed. Despite losing interest in food, she still greeted friends by wagging her tail. From 3rd February, I gave her beef broth using a syringe. I knew she was weak, but I still took her for her walks by carrying her. I took this picture on 5th February. You see, from the afternoon of 5th February, she began to smile despite feeling weak from intermittent vomiting. She would come to me with a smile and place her head on my knee. Even though my heart cried, I would sing her those happy songs that I had sung before. She passed on 6th February at 3.30 am.

It was an immense privilege to care for Mika in her last days. The fulfilment that I received by caring for her revealed the power of love. Her legacy of the power of unconditional love is something I will cherish forever. During the last few days, she disliked images taken of her. Despite her weakness, she smiled at that last picture. We spent a long time by that bench and cherished that beautiful moment together. I have loved every moment with Mika. Though she is not with me now, her memories will live on with those she touched. Based on her illness, she should have gone by a year; instead, she lived for nearly four years and I am very grateful for that😊. I thank everyone who supported me from far and near these past few days. I thank the Vets and staff at CityVet, Kuching for the devoted care of Mika. Cherishing the power of unconditional love and caring for others is a privilege😊😊.

44 thoughts on “MIKA

  1. So sad to hear of her passing. She had the best mummy to care for her.
    May she REST IN PEACE.
    No more suffering.
    I ‘m so glad I had the chance to play with her. ❤

  2. Thank you Beena for giving her your unconditional love and care . Our connections human or otherwise are associations from many lifetimes – back again to love, cherish, pass but realising that we have these moments to live and be together. Nothing can take away this connection that we had although parting is always hard. You have given your very best and thus Mika is surely so blessed and prayed for. She is in a good place, once companion, now a blessing to call upon. God bless and lots of loving well wishes

    1. She was indeed a blessing to me. She taught me about love and made me a better human being. She was just full of love.

  3. She had 2 amazing lives that loved her ….you and Zara..and had the best life ever…she is now free from suffering..sending you and Zara hugggs..

    1. She loved Zara more than her mummy:). Every morning, she would greet her big sister before the wrestling match that they would have before they settle for breakfast. Zara misses her very much. She would follow Zara like a little lamb. Sometimes she would also be puzzled by Zara’s behaviour. They both made me laugh. I feel blessed to have both my gals.

  4. It was destiny that brought both of you together. Mika was so blessed to have met you. You gave her what she would not have found with any other person in this world. She, bless her, gave such joy to you and everyone who had come across her. Her life was lived in quality and not quantity, surrounded by love, comfort, patience, and preciousness. I will hold her in sweet memories.


    1. Yes Nyuk, I still remember how she greets you when you used to come to my house. Her playfulness entertained us so much. She was fond of your father very much. Sweet sweet gal.

    2. Thanks Nyuk for sharing those videos taken on 18th Dec. I still remember that day as she loved walking on your grass with that big smile:).

  5. Sorry to hear about the passing of Mika. Our friends come to us in all shape and sizes, sometimes even in the form of a pet. Thank you for sharing about her, her memory lives on.

    1. Friends come in various forms. It is for us to cherish them and nurture friendship and relationships. Thanks for the papayas you brought for her, I appreciate that very much:).

  6. I ❤️U, Mika.
    Your journey with Beena had been happy and fulfilling!
    Thank you for keeping my friend company and making her smile each time when she talks about you and Zara.

  7. Will always remember Mika as a cheerful and playful dog.. I am glad that I was able to see her 2 last weeks.. I know she is smiling happily now..

    1. You were very lucky to meet her in that playful mood when you visited me that night. Glad that you had those precious moments with her.

  8. So sorry to hear of mikas passing. She is heaven watching over you. She will send a companion for you. So be it.

    1. Yes, Susan, I believe she did take care of me yesterday to ease my pain. And yes, she will help me find a new one too.

  9. She is no more but the connection and ur memories stay fresh forever.That is the best outcome of the unconditional love.Some grieve silently,I appreciate the way u articulate about Mika’s passing away. Let her rest peacefully!

    1. Thanks, Prabha, the beautiful memories will live on. Even the care and bonding we had towards the final days was immense and will always be cherished.

  10. A touching note , Beena. But she had the luck to be loved and cared for the majority part of her life .
    I can imagine the intensity of emotions.
    RIP 🌹

  11. Hi Beena what a touching story of the three of you. Poor thing she was in pain and suffering she is at a peace now leaving a big void of absence . When mocha was diagnosed with a heart condition 6 years ago the doctors wrote her off for 6 months . The care , diet change and of course the medication was unparalleled that pulled her through another 6 years for us to enjoy her . We felt despite of all her issues and to top it with the love that she was getting here from all of us it wasn’t easy for her to give it up and leave us but it was expected and it’s going to be a long road to overcome her loss. Let them both RIP

    1. Lin, I could feel your pain. I think we are indeed privileged to have taken care of these beautiful souls. Especially this particular breed, Shih Tzus, would have become extinct during WWII. One day I will write about that. Mocha was loved tremendously, just like Mika. They too feel our love, and hence they fight to oblige us by living. These beautiful souls enriched our lives and that of our friends too. So I am very grateful to have experienced this kind of love. It is unique. We need to continue to carry that message of the power of love that sustains life on earth.

  12. Hi Beena aunty,
    Thank you for sharing Mika and Zara’s moments with all of us. I have always enjoyed seeing their pictures and reading about their antics. Your paintings have an extra stroke of magic, because of their presence in them.
    Mika is pure joy and light, as everyone who has commented here has shared.
    She was lucky to have you as her mummy and Zara as her older sister, and she knew it too.
    You can tell from her smile.
    Sending you and Zara lots of hugs.

    1. Terry, I hope to continue to still paint them in my pictures. They inspired me to paint and I see no reason to stop. Many of told me that they look out for them in my paintings:).

  13. Caring for another person gives us immense joy.But for every moment of joy there can be sorrow.
    In todays’ scenario enjoy each living moment to the fullest.
    Though I have not met Mika I can visualize her bond with Beena.
    As long as her heart beats Mika’ s
    memmories will linger.

  14. This is a lovely tribute to Mika. She has been blessed to be adopted by you cos we all know what a great mommy you were and how loved she was. May Mika now rest in peace I’m sure writing this tribute about her was healing to you too

    1. Hi Nee

      It was a great catharsis for me. In fact, the more I keep talking about her, I begin to feel better. Life has joy and sorrow. Her time with me and Zara brought us immense joy and fun. We had tough times too but we managed. Her love for us and everyone who knew her was powerful. It is that power of love that is sustaining me though this loss.

  15. I am so sorry for your loss Beena. My heart is broken. I loved Mika from the moment I met her. And I felt her love for me too. She was a incredibly special dog and though she lived a short life, she gave all of us so much love. Her memories will remain forever in our hearts. I want to share some photos that I took with her on my last trip to Kuching in 2020 when we celebrated her 2nd birthday. I shall send them to you and perhaps you can include them in my comment. Sending you much love Beena.

    1. Yes Kala I remember those days. How Mika just took to you like she already knew you. Her comfort with you was amazing. I know Zara met you when she was 6 months old and took a while to understand why you were in my home:). Mika had a fabulous time , not sure if she ever figured out why we ate her cakes:). Thank you for those lovely memories.

    2. My dearest Kala Thank you for sharing her birthday pics. It was the only one I celebrated. On her first birthday I was in Mandalay for Palliative care training, the 3rd birthday we were still in lockdown. I cherish that birthday we celebrated even though she was clueless. Remember, Zara was hovering around as to why we took that toy:):), hmm, my dear gals. Thank you Kala for sharing.

  16. We are given the gift of pets but unfortunately they are taken away far too soon.
    Our pets leave imprints, or paw prints on our hearts that we can never forget. My most heartfelt condolences for your loss of Lovely MIKA.

    1. Thanks Stef, she will be missed by many. I know what an important role you played to get her for me. I take solace that she lived with tons of love.

  17. Beena dear: That ‘s a l touching tribute ; The pics that you shared shows her love and of course her mischief!Treasure those sweet memories; Sending you healing prayers and comforting hugs

  18. Beena,

    The pictures and stories you have shared of Mika are wonderful and a testament to how loved she was. Even more so is the outpouring of support you have received from your friends by their comments and thoughts.

    I have to say that until you wrote the story above, I did not know what a voracious reader Mika was😂. I bet you she only chewed on selective books on your bottom shelf, as I would imagine that she was quite a selective reader of only good literature!!

    May Mika live through your memories of her.


    1. You made me laugh. She tore up books on palmistry, astrology n certain books on dogs. Interesting observation:). Yes i will always cherish her.

  19. What a touching story, which made me cry and laugh! You both are so lucky to have each other. It is so sad that she left at such young age, but she left a lot of memories and beautiful moments that would last forever! My heart is with you!

  20. Your darlings Zara and Mika will be waiting for you at the 🌈 Rainbow bridge. Thank you for giving them a wonderful life.

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