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21st May 2024 Guence & Beena


Hello guys🤗. I am thrilled to share Guence’s delightful crochet work. She has crafted these charming toys, a monkey and a frog, with such skill and love 😅😉. These adorable creations are made from soft cotton yarn.

She shared with me the story of her childhood. She is a Lun Bawang, a native tribe from the northern part of Sarawak. When she was young, there was no television in their village. She and the other children took three days to walk through the mountains, jungles, and cross the many rivers to reach the only secondary school in Lawas. So, the children in that school only came home for long holidays. The villagers knew when the children would return home. The villagers planted cucumbers along the path that the children would walk. They prepared their beds so that they could sleep at night before they began their journey. During their free time, they learnt to crochet, knit, and do other stuff to keep themselves occupied. In those days, even books were expensive and treasured, and children were reluctant to lend them.

Reflecting on the changes in Lawas, it’s clear how much life has evolved. Children now have easy access to everything they desire, but many cannot crochet or knit. That’s why I was overjoyed when Guence presented me with these toys today🙃🙃. They’re not just toys; they’re a piece of her heritage and a testament to the value of traditional crafts. I may be getting older, but I’m still young at heart💃🏽, and these toys bring me so much joy🤗. Don’t you love them too? Please comment, thank you.


12 thoughts on “My Toys

  1. What an interesting account of your friend’s childhood. The presents from her are so lovely. You are so lucky to have a friend who can crochet and knit so well and is so generous to give them to you.

    1. Yes Jen,

      There are many such stories. If we are lucky to listen to such stories, we are amazed by the strength of the human spirit. Glad you enjoyed the story.


  2. Aww..they are both such a delight to see and am sure to hold. Such a precious gift of a great tradition and the story of life long ago.

    Hope Guence passes this tradition to at least one the tradition goes on and does not get lost.

    Thank you for sharing Guence’s precious craft and to you Beena for sharing the very interesting story behind the toys.

    1. I love listening to such stories. I was curious about crochet work. Not many of us seem to be able to do that. I know Kala does, but she is a very creative and quick learner. But when she told me, the absence of TV during our childhood days was idyllic. That gave her and many others to learn a skill. I think they also make bead jewellery, etc.


  3. Such a beautiful heritage story….simplicity and cherishing of moments, paths and life journeys were so much more meaningful…and marvelous traditions were kept.
    Love the happy toys and sorry that the children in the village no longer crochet. …must be busy on their phones now…

    1. Hi Suzie,

      Just like in every part of the world, modernization or urbanization has taken hold of our lives. Unfortunately with that goes all those old traditions too especially in craft. But here, they are trying to preserve some of that traditions, but how many youngsters will want to continue remains to be seen:(

  4. What a touching story.

    Do the 2 stuffed toys have names? If not I think the monkey should be called Beena and the froggie Guence 😊

    1. Oh Allan thats so right. I have always thought I was a monkey. I will let Guence know,hahaha.

      Take care


  5. Guence is a wonderful child, Beena.
    The struggle she undertook in her childhood should be made known to children across the globe, who tend to take things for granted.
    And the toys 👌🏼

  6. That’s such a heartwarming story! It’s wonderful how toys can evoke such cherished memories.

    When I saw Guence’s toys, they instantly reminded me of my childhood. My sister and I used to spend our school holidays crocheting toys together. Our parents were strict about using our spare time wisely, so we turned this hobby into a small business, selling the toys for pocket money. These activities not only fostered our creativity but also laid the foundation for my sister’s successful career in business.Additionally, the toys bring to mind Mr. Bean’s beloved teddy bear, adding a touch of nostalgia and humor to the memories.
    My recollections beautifully illustrate the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship, and the joy of childhood.

  7. The toys is so well crocheted & i think it really needs a lot of concentration to finish it. Kids nowadays are more interested in technology than art/skills

    1. Hi Farida

      How well you have expressed the sentiments of young people these days.


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