Princess Zara

18th December 2023 Beena


Hello everyone. I wish to let everyone know that my beautiful baby Zara, my first gal, passed away on 17th December 2023. Those who knew or have heard of her will know how much she was to me.


The story begins in 2009 at a conference in Singapore. Allan told me about the benefits of keeping a pet, especially a dog. I was dead against that idea. Soon after that, I met someone who spoke about the good traits of the breed Shih Tzu. Not long after that, a friend notified me about this newborn Shih Tzu. The breeder, Rose, brought two puppies, a male and a female, who were only two weeks old. I chose the female puppy; Rose interviewed me about suitability on parenting skills and had to come up with a name ASAP. I finally decided on the name Zara, and Rose said: ” OK, that’s Princess Zara”.


Zara was indeed a gift from heaven; she taught me values like patience, being contented with life, being lighthearted and having fun and made me a better person. She led an adventurous life as she went to all the supermarkets in Kuching as the guards thought she was a toy🫠🫠. This fearless girl has gone on an escalator🐶. She was the timekeeper at my yoga class, and all the yogis found that very amusing. She would be quiet throughout the class and wouldn’t let it go beyond an hour of practice😂😂. She has been to all the seafood places like Buntal, Kopitiams, and restaurants where the owners would reserve a table for the little Princess. She welcomed me home at the airport. She kept tabs on the gardener and would bark just before he was to leave, as she always thought he was stealing my plants😞🤣. She loved all my friends and was always invited for dinners at their homes. Her doggy friends were Chocolate and Sophie. Last but not the least, she attended meetings that her mom had to attend😊.


She was the easiest dog to train, making me think that training was a piece of cake until Mika and Yumi arrived😭. Zara has four siblings, and one of them has passed on. Her father, too, has passed on. The last lesson I learnt from her was about dying—a bit of background on her medical issues. In February of 2018, she was diagnosed with liver dysfunction. The vet said if she responds to the treatment, she can live with good quality of life. However, despite treatment, her liver function tests were not good, but she was otherwise like her old self: active and engaging as always. Then, in November 2021, she started to have some diarrhoea, and her liver tests weren’t great at all. With some liver supplements, she improved and was back to her old self. Then, on 11th December 2023, I noticed she had some retching and took her to the vet. The vet ran some tests that revealed further deterioration in liver and kidney function.


I discussed the plan with the vet, and we decided to manage her symptoms, but she stayed home. She was always calm during the whole time till her death. We went for walks and sat in her favourite place, and I spoke to her at length. The day before her death, she had this sudden burst of energy and did stuff she loved at home, like sitting on the sofa. I helped her as her legs were weak. I was never tired of cleaning up as I knew nothing is a chore when you love someone so deeply. Her beloved friends dropped by to say, “Goodbye, dear Zara. We all love you, and you will always be in our hearts”.


I will conclude by saying that I was blessed to have her in my life. She left a legacy of love, joy, peace and contentment in life. She brought up the real meaning of what Allan said: “You will know love once you have a pet.”🙏🙏🙏

13 thoughts on “Princess Zara

  1. Dear Beena..
    What a full life she had and touched so many lives.. not just yours. Everyone who has seen her or even heard of her will never forget her; as she brought a certain playfulness and happiness just by her sweet smile and twinkling eyes..that coaxes one to engage with her, with her..

    She was truly lucky to have you as her closest family and friend. You took such good care of her and am sure she knew that and savored d every moment with gusto.


  2. Zara may take the form of a dog but she is so much more to everyone and especially to her mummy. This ode to Princess Zara is a fitting dedication in her memory. In death as in life, her beautiful image and regal and elegant poise will always be with us.

  3. Dear Dr. Beena, Princess Zara had led a full life of love, with such great fun. The loving memories of the many wonderful events, and joyful, playful moments that she shared with you and her many friends will be dearly cherished. Let her life be celebrated! 💕❤💕❤

  4. Dear Beena,
    I know very well how attached you were to Zara (in fact I remember you were in a hurry to leave when you dropped in for a friend’s daughter’s marriage – for just a couple of days).
    Your words speak volumes of that closeness.
    And then, Beena, life has to move on.
    Let those wonderful memories stay with you forever 🌹

  5. Dear Beena,
    my condolences on the passing of your dear princess Zara.
    I remember her well as lively & lovely little playmate when visiting you in Kuching in 2013.

  6. Zara has been so much part of all our lives though we never saw her for real. Through all the stories you shared with us she has been larger than life to us. We too will miss you dearest Zara .. .. You will continue to live on in our hearts … princess. I still remember you beena narrating the rare quality with which Zara handled yumi’s pranks. The legacy you leave behind is of nobility dignity and love
    Lots of hugs and love ❤️

  7. Dear Beena,

    May cherished memories bring comfort during this challenging moment. Losing a devoted companion is truly heart-wrenching. My thoughts are with you, and I’m here if you want to share memories or simply talk. I extend my deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved ZARA.

  8. Dear Dr Beena
    i fully understand the magnitude of your sorrow. i am still going through the trauma of losing Boogie, our cat in2019. i am writing this with s lot of empathy. With prayers.

  9. Dear Beena,

    You were indeed blessed to have known Zara and she to have found you. I know she will live on in your memories and in the stories you tell. She was a lovely gal, for sure.



    1. Dear Allan

      Yes, am sure you too have fond memories of her. I believe pets come to our lives to enrich us. Thats what she has done for me.

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