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9th July 2021 Dr.Beena

 When I first read this word, I was clueless. Once I learnt the meaning, I felt wow, the nasty side hidden from plain view. Just as an example, I remember being laughed at when I sang off-tune in school. It was worse when the music teacher told me that I was tone-deaf. I did not quite understand that then as I was only ten years of age. Finally, I related this incident to my mom, and her response was, ” it’s fine, now you can focus on your studies instead of music practice.” Hence, my dream of being in the school band came to a natural demise. To my chagrin, many of my friends got into the school band. I was devastated.

 Schadenfreude is not exactly a pleasant word. I personally feel being ridiculed from a young age may have made me stronger, more resilient, unbridled. Maybe….. Now, why am I discussing this word?

 Oh yeah, maybe it is about my venture into this watercolour world. In my naivety, I had shown my acrylic artwork to my neighbour. She advised me to take up watercolour. Little did I know about the difficulties in watercolour. Reflecting on it now, did I take the plunge into the deep sea without knowing the depth? Or is it the tenacity in me that was willing to take that challenge? By the way, I do not dive into extreme risks deliberately :).

 I have posted this picture which is a line and wash that I did with acrylic paints. I copied this from Peter Sheeler’s tutorial.  I wish to clarify, line and wash is a technique where you use ink to draw some parts of the picture and the rest you colour. It is unlike a regular watercolour painting. Now that I have watched numerous tutorials, I conclude that was daunting on my part. I did a ‘line and wash’ picture before I had any clue about watercolour. I find my behaviour hysterical or comical. I went through this stage blissfully because of my supportive friends. I am very grateful to all my friends who never made a disparaging word. I would have gone into a black hole never to be found for eternity. They never pointed out my lacuna in my painting skill. It made me realize how vital it is to encourage others in their ventures (non-risky).

 Thus, despite the connotation of the meaning of schadenfreude, I would say convert the negative to positive, and all ends well. To all my dear friends, I say “thank you” for being supportive of my art. It is still at an infancy stage. For any of you reading this, please stay stimulated to pen your stories. Even the shortest story will be accepted. Keep dreaming of that story, and do not fear schadenfreude. Till the next musing or story, stay safe and be present. Bye for now……

12 thoughts on “Schadenfreude

  1. Dear Beena,

    First of all art is something one does for oneself..nit for other…unless one is doing a commissioned portrait..Look at Picasso’s images..what symmetry or form do you see..yet today it sells for millions.

    Its not the cost..but the satisfaction it gives oneself.. and that’s all that matters.

    Looking forward to seeing and reading more from you..

    1. Hi Suchi

      I can sense the feisty part in that comment. You have so much that a story is just a must.

      Hope to read it soon


    1. Hi Datuk

      If we look at life from a different perspective sometimes it is not that bad. I try to see if I can live with it I will try. Otherwise I will try to see how best I can improve that dire situation. It is always trial and error. Nothing remains perfect. Hard work is needed😀😀😀

  2. Dear Dr Beena,
    I learnt something new about art today. Your line and wash technique reminds me of pictures in children’s story books. Never noticed the technique used till I read your explanation. You are such a talented artist. Do keep the paintings and stories coming. 😊

    1. 😀😀😀 Vasanthi

      Its good to learn. Keeps us young at heart😂😂. Wish you a peaceful weekend.


  3. I have to say that I do not like the idea of taking joy from another person’s misfortune :-(. Having said this, I like your idea that when something like that happens, the recipient should turn a negative into a positive; it’s like the saying “when given a lemon, make some lemonade” :-).

    Thanks also for your mini tutorials on painting. It is fun to learn about the different painting techniques you have been using!!

  4. Hi Allan

    Welcome back😀😀. Glad to know that you see my point. Some stuff are beyond our control. However, we can always control our thoughts.

    Hope to hear more from you


  5. Dare I say, I had moments of schadenfreude! There, I’ve confessed. A most convenient word loaded with much feelings.

    I reserve them, though, strictly for those of our world who do not deserve the authority and responsibilities they have been entrusted with; who have made our lives miserable and hopeless. When they lose elections, I rejoice. When they are held in ridicule, I laugh. How does one react to the country’s top brass in Health who repeatedly call the Spanish Flu the Spanish Fly. Memes flu, errrr, flew on the internet. Schadenfreude.

    People have questioned- what kind of a people are the Germans to have actually such a word in their vocabulary? They pride themselves on the fact that their language have no such words. I’d say, very human.

    1. Hahaha you made me laugh… that was very refreshing. Yes in all honesty we all have the schadenfreude moments too….

  6. Hi Beena
    Its only now that I could enter into this site and see all your pics. They’re just super. Can’t believe you are a starter..its amazing !!! Keep it up Beena, All the best !!

  7. Hi Sheila

    Am so happy you found time to read despite your busy schedule. It is meant to create some relaxing reading maybe some reflections about life too. Hope to read more of your comments in the future.

    Take care


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