Singing Trees

15th October 2021 Dr Beena

 Hello everyone, it is time for the next musing😊. The above painting is the avenue of Spanish chestnut trees in Herstmonceux, near Hailsham, in East Sussex. Herst means a clearing in the forest. In the 1200s, a lady Idonea de Herste married a nobleman Monceux and named the manor Herst of the Monceux. I drew this painting from a photograph posted by Margot in the art tutorial by Paul Clark. Of course, it shows my little girls and me taking a stroll in the gardens.

 Let us delve into the history of this castle which is pronounced (Herst-mom-zoo) 😊. It was built in 1441 and owned by the Fiennes family for a century till our infamous King Henry VIII set eyes on it. He did this by implicating Lord Dacre for the murder of the gamekeeper. A quick way to take over this castle😊.

 Anyway, imagine what those ancient trees in the painting would reveal if we knew how to interpret their songs😊. Those gnarled trees are more than 350 years old and witnessed quite a history. Recently, Nyuk sent me a post about plant technology. Let me share that with you here.

 In 2011, Joe Patitucci and Alex Tyson founded Data Garden as a zero-waste record label. In 2011 and 2012, they produced The Switched-On Garden. It is an interactive exhibition exploring the connection between plants, music and technology. Their work led to more collaboration with other like-minded people. They even discovered that the plants could sing based on your moods.  King Henry would have aborted his plans if he knew this😊😉. Imagine a world filled with music by plants? Do you think we could tolerate that?

 Joe and Alex with Cusumano came up with a MIDI Sprout app for iOS. It is a sound engine allowing people with MIDI Sprout hardware to listen to plants play harmonious sounds designed by Data Garden’s team of artists. Imagine how technology has connected us back to nature. Hence, when you are in a park or strolling past an old gnarled tree, remember to send out positive vibes. The trees would love you for that😊.

 I hope you enjoyed this little history of the castle and trees and some new information on tree singing. Till the next time, bye for now😊.

11 thoughts on “Singing Trees

  1. Beautiful as ever!
    Great going !
    I am aware of these singing trees and have wanted to visit them. Your work is a reminder for me to visit Herst-mom-zoo!

    1. Hi

      Glad you find the musings interesting. If you register you will be notified each time there is a new story😀

  2. Yes, what if were able to hear all the “over head transmissions” and conversations of plants and animalsv and their observations on how funny and absurd we humans are….

    1. Yes you are spot on. If we hear all their noises we may not be able to tolerate the explosion of noises.😂😂

  3. Very interestingly historical notes Beena. Really enjoyed reading about it.
    You did a remarkable job of capturing the essence of the “singing trees ” in your painting.

  4. Loved it Beena; all what u have shared is new and interesting info for me! Thank u dear for introducing a new world of knowledge to us

  5. I love trees and have planted a few in my small garden. On a windy day, the rush of air through the leaves is music to my ears. However, my neighbour does not share my enthusiasm for trees and told me one day that he couldn’t see the sky because of my trees. 😢.

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