Snake River

29th August 2022 Dr Mathew George

Hi, I am Mathew George. I love to create art via cross stitch. It is therapeutic, and here for this piece of Snake River, I took many months to complete. There are about ten types of cross-stitch designs. In this piece, I have used multiple types to simulate a painting.

I have a little history of Snake River. It is the largest river in North America that crosses from six US states: Idaho, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming. Native Americans have inhabited this river for 11,000 years. The Shoshones, a Native American group, used sign language for weaving baskets, and it was misrepresented as Snake River.

I have found that doing creative activities helps one focus and attain a particular type of calmness in one’s personality. In fact, it has helped me in my work, where I need a tremendous amount of focus. I hope you can let me know how creative art has helped you. If you haven’t done any art, just try to see the impact it has on you๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š.

2 thoughts on “Snake River

  1. This is a masterpiece by Mathew George.Congrats.This can be described as a classic poetry painted on fabric.Being a Plastic surgeon he has blended his surgical and stitching skills marvellously.This creation highlights the perseverance,persistence and patience of a humble human being – that is what Dr Mathew George is.No more words to describe.

  2. Absolutely amazing. Looks like a beautiful painting ! But this is so much more . Hats off to you Matthew your patience, dedication and artistic talent has created a piece of art that is such joy to see. Love it

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