Sunny Sunflowers


5th April 2024 Kala & Beena


Hello guys! Today, I am sharing a digital painting of a sunflower field created by my friend Kala. They look like smiling flowers😊. When Kala painted this beautiful field of flowers, she asked herself a question: would she feel fabulous waking up to a field of sunny, yellow-orange sunflowers every morning, or would she find herself in a strange place? When Kala shared these thoughts with me, it got me thinkingπŸ€”.


Have you ever experienced the feeling of wanting something so badly and longing for it, only to feel disappointed when you finally get itπŸ˜“? I know I have. It can be scary to want something so badly and not feel the euphoria you anticipated. I don’t know if that was what Kala was trying to convey. Waking up to a sea of bright yellow flowers every morning should be uplifting. But would you still feel the same way when you are in that field?


As humans, our desires and yearnings change over time. When I was younger, I used to get excited about travelling πŸ’ƒπŸ½and would ask my mother countless questions. Now, I have developed a fear of travelling😨. Our outlook on the same topic can change as our circumstances change. Change is the only constant in our lives. Now, I would love to read your thoughts on the above sentiment.

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