Surprise Surprise!

7th March 2022 Dr Beena

Hello everyone. I thought I would muse on a common topic. Don’t we all love pleasant surprises😊? Recently Suchitra decided to surprise Shobha with a visit. Now Suchitra and Shobha have been friends from their teenage years. Even though they lost touch for many years after getting married, they reconnected.

Here I compare surprise visits to a style of loose painting. The reason is, for a loose painting style, even though I conceptualize what I wish to paint, it need not turn out that way!! Now, I did my painting of flowers in a free-flowing way. In addition, I used whatever colours that came to my mind. So, with Suchitra, she had a plan to visit Shobha, but she had no clue what would happen when she rang the doorbell. Will Shobha be at home or not? Or has she gone to see her parents in another town? I wonder if all these thoughts went through her mind. Was she prepared for a disappointment in case she was not at home?

When I began painting, I had a plan to draw flowers. But I had no picture to refer to, so I was not sure what it would finally turn out to look like in my painting. Some friends who saw this painting asked me what flowers did I paint. I am clueless. I am still pondering what they are? That is because it was imaginary, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise as they did look nice when I had finished. Similarly, I think the visit turned out to be a lovely surprise for Shobha. I am sure they chatted as though there was no end to time😊.

In life, we plan and make decisions. However, not all decisions turn out well. Sometimes, like Suchitra, make a simple plan and let things unfold. Maybe the impact would be exhilarating😊. On that note, I wish our readers pleasant surprises in their lives😊😊.

19 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise!

  1. Thanks for the pleasant surprise, dear Beena, well articulated flow of words from your mind

  2. Oh my dear beena ….now I know why you are so creative in your painting style. You certainly have a high level of imagination and you do let it go wild. I feel that it is the childlike nature in all of us that renders the zest and enthusiasm to achieve things irrespective of the uncertainty at ever corner of life.
    Keep going strong beena…. I love your painting with its beautiful colors. Even more I love your narrative around the surprise visit of our dear friend Suchi…..

    1. Thanks for letting me write about that visit even though you never had a clue. That is the surprise!!!

  3. Thank you Beena for this beautiful bouquet of flowers…it does not matter what they are called..they are simply beautiful.. period!!

    Thank you for making this beautiful connection of a surprise visit between friends..nothing planned..being in the flow..thats what helps is navigate life’s prepared for anything..

  4. The flowers are attractive and pleasant to look at. They appear as an element of surprise to the receiver – signifying a reunion of friends. The leaves are a lovely shade of green that brighten the whole bouquet. Anyone would be happy to receive a bunch of flowers and these flowers will definitely bring joy to the receiver – just like the visit of old friends will bring happiness to them. To be able to bring together these beautiful colours together to form a bouquet is indeed a superb effort.

  5. A rose by any name smells the same
    Similarly whatever name you call it the painting is lovely
    The color combination is very pleasing to the eyes
    The small green leaves give the necessary support that makes the flowers look fresh from the garden on the whole a nice painting Dr

  6. I thought our creative process entails planning on your painting in advance. Obviously not necessarily!
    Well done again!

    1. Thanks Shaj. Yes I plan but in loose painting its all up in the air what will eventually happen.

  7. Hey Beens
    Suchi went from my house to Shoba’s
    I am not sure I know Shoba 😊 or cannot really recall her.
    Maybe I will get in touch with her
    Suchi says she lives close to me
    Maybe surprise visits will trigger new friendships
    Love Geeta

      1. To GEETAMR Wonderful idea, wonderful surprise!

        Thank you Beena for giving us not only beautiful light and cheerful flowers but also the rarest!

  8. Your paintings always leaves me feeling awed!
    Why? Because I do not know what other art surprises you will spring next!!

  9. The flowers you painted remind me of Van Gogh’s persprctive. They are not imitating Van Gogh’s flowers. You remember how his flowers, in fact the whole nature seemed yo be silently exploding into the viewer’s senses. Thank you
    Dr Beena. With so much love and care in you, i am sure you make a terrific healer.
    Thank you.

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