Surprises in Art

2nd November 2021 Dr Beena

 Hello everyone. Today I am so excited to share with you about this painting. I became so engrossed in it that I forgot to eat or drink😊. I watched the tutorial by Diane Antone. She was using cling film. Yes, the one that we use to wrap our food. Firstly, we throw some colours on the paper, and while it is still wet, place a cling film over it. Do not smooth the film. The more imperfections there are better the outcome.

 I did this before I went to sleep as it is better if the paper is bone-dry. So next morning, I was so excited to see the outcome. Oh my gosh, now I was in a dilemma☹. I kept staring at all the different shapes on the paper. Then out of nowhere, I started to see pumpkins. Can you believe that? As a result, I began creating my picture with pumpkins. The tree on the right is barren of leaves as I assumed that with the Halloween season, maybe the tree may have shed the leaves☹.

 However, the big surprise was when one of my friends remarked, ” you are so clueless. Pumpkins grow on vast lands and, there are no trees nearby usually” ☹☹. However, I was still excited by this painting. I just thought, won’t we be delighted if we get pumpkins? It is a metaphor😊😊. This art taught me about how we view life. Some of us focus on tiny details. Others only see the big picture. Many others don’t see anything😊😊. We can choose what we wish to focus on as long as we can be happy with that. There are no right or wrong ways. The humble cling film taught me the lesson. The more wrinkles there are, the painting gets better😊.

 I will leave you with that thought😊 till my next one. Stay happy with all the wrinkles that life gives us😊 even the facial ones😊😊. Sometimes, we do miss them.

8 thoughts on “Surprises in Art

  1. That was a lovely one -the package of the simple , beautiful painting and the write up. The cling film and its wrinkles have revealed much truth beneath…..and yes the more the wrinkles in life the more seasoned you become !

    1. Hi Geetha

      Am so glad that we are all embracing our wrinkles. We try to go with nature and hope that our wrinkles are also accepted by our friends too. Sometimes our friends are our biggest critics. Hahahah

  2. Really nice !!! True, pumpkins grow in treeless fields yet perhaps and only because they are farmed? In any case that detail never hit me while I was looking at your piece. I simply enjoyed it and that is what matters. Thanks, Beena, for sharing such pleasant art, in pictures or words.

    1. Hi Annie

      Thanks. For someone like me who is quite clueless about stuff in life. Like you, I just see if the picture gives me joy. That matters the most more than a perfect picture:):):). But I am grateful that I have friends who point out my mistakes. Otherwise, I won’t learn much:):):.

  3. Hi Beena, I agree with you that there are no right or wrong ways. Also Beena, we should be grateful for our wrinkles, the hallmarks of ageing. Many people especially during this pandemic do not live long enough to earn wrinkles

    1. To be honest it takes a certain kind of courage to accept ageing. Well, I am speaking for myself:):):). To let my hair go grey against the wishes of my friends and my family I needed courage. Well the pandemic kind of helped too, hahahah. Life did change with the pandemic.

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