The 300th Story

26th October 2023 Beena

Hello everyoneπŸ€—πŸ€—. We have finally reached the 300th story. I posted this painting by Kala as I felt it embodied the challenges one faces in life and when we paintπŸ˜ŠπŸ™. Kala painted this on Procreate.Β 


I have realised that reaching this target was possible because of the contributors. This year, we had young artists like Tia, Abigail, Ashley, and Isaiah and adult artists Kala, Lavender, Dr Sriimathii, Ann Chin, Mani Menon, Nandakumar, Angela H, Angela CSF, Navneet Krishnan, Lillian Goh and Annie Teo. Allan, Priyalatha G, Teresa Liew, Nandakumar and Mani Menon contributed to the stories. Susan Thomas, Mathew George and Shobha Panicker contributed their creative artwork.


I wish to thank everyone for the support they gave to this website. Your paintings and creative artwork inspired me to write my thoughts. I keep them as optimistic and realistic as possible. I appreciate all the comments on the stories, as those helped me to write more. Many found the stories give hope, and so let us keep it going that way.

14 thoughts on “The 300th Story

    1. Hi Saleema

      It is not my achievement. Its a collative contribution by so many artists. I am very grateful to them.

  1. Great going Beena..I have been wondering if you had reached a 1000 stories as yet…

    300 .WOW..that is a landmark.

    Hearty Congratulations and best wishes as you continue on this collaborative journey of not just expressing through art and words.. but bringing joy to so many every Friday.

    As for Kala’s art..the vibrancy of her art and the detailing leaves me speechless always..😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️

  2. Life is a beautiful painting!
    You dip your brush with lots of love & colour it with your very own thoughts! Congrats πŸ₯³ on achieving the triple century πŸ‘πŸ‘.
    When are you going open your very own gallery?

  3. From the time Dr Ittymani introduced me to you it’s been a wonderfull time to draw to share and comment on artworks by all of us at 1000storiesforfun one of the most brilliant paintings of yours is that of an owl and your pet cat at home, its been a long journey from the first flower vase to the latest painting by Kala on procreate kudos to the artwork by Kala it definitely deserves the 300th slot
    Kudos to Dr BEENA who makes it a point to post something on Fridays and wish all the artists in 1000stories a happy weekend.
    The euphoric feel one gets seeing his/her pictures on the web and the rare group of non commercial aspect linked to 1000stories, is still very much there.
    At first I thought its an astronomical figure (1000) but then when we touched 100 I knew it s achievable
    From 100 to three hundred was quicker with many more artists joining in with paintings and drawings
    For me personally I’m thankfull as 1000stories it was an avenue to spend my time constructively and help me to limp back to near normalcy from my illnesses –ART is a good healer (my feeling)
    May the healing touch many more in future too

    1. Hi Nandu

      Firstly, I have to thank all the artists who are willing to post their at this website. Its unknown and has no commercial value. But somehow the Friday greetings seem to help many. Hence I write these stories. Please continue to support me.


  4. SO exciting to hear that we’ve reached 300 stories and that there are now so many contributors to the paintings and to the stories. May this tradition continue on for years to come!!!

  5. Congratulations Beena and all others for this wonderful achievement, 300th stories!

    Beautiful, colourful vase and flowers! May this continue for years and years to come.

    1. Thanks Banu
      I finally learnt how to send the stories via email. Glad you had a chance to read them.πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

  6. You are doing great beena… your site is an inspiration to persevere in whatever we have set our heart on… kudos girl .. keep inspiring…

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