The bird and the flower

Suchitra Narayan

I wrote a Haiku on a flower that made me look at life differently. I like writing poetry. A Haiku is poetry in 3 lines. I have been intrigued by Haikus, that can say so much by writing so little. So I checked online on how to write a Haiku. I also discovered that when writing a Haiku for Nature..there is a specific format..5 syllables in the 1st line, 7 in the 2nd and 5 in the last line.

The yellow glows bright,
Red energy at its core,
Spreads sheer joy around.

So what got me to write this?

A friend shared a picture of a flower, marvelling at its beauty. I dismissed it as a hybrid flower and said I preferred the natural ones. Yet, something made me stop and look again. I suddenly saw so much more in it than just a radiated so much energy.

I had just finished doing a pencil sketch of a little bird and thats when this flower caught my attention. I have very little skill in doing watercolor images..but decided to try my hand at painting that flower.

After that I shared these pictures with a few artist friends for feedback. An art therapist friend made me dig deeper about the images..she made me bring out a story about the 2 images..and the result is below.

A tiny little bird – black, grey, white and brown
With a small yellow beak.
(But where has all the colour gone?)
Flits here and there,
Its fragile wings spread out.
Pecks at a seed, a berry, a tiny insect,
Chirping its faint bird song.
Spies a flower big and bright,
Bright as the sun – radiating joy all around.
The deep red within,
Beckons for a closer peep.
Ah! What does little birdie see?
A nice fat caterpillar for it to feed.
Now satiated, it rests a while,
Beside this golden aura,
Its wings dusted bright with yellow pollen.
Up, up and away into the blue skies,
It soars and flies again,
Joyful and free.
Back again to rest a while.
Gentle co-existence.

August 13th 2021

So why is this date important? Well, I was trying my hand at poetry, and art ..especially watercolor for the first time. Apart from that, it made me realize how our beliefs cloud our perceptions..when I was open to relooking at the flower, so much emerged about life. By having a conversation with the bird and the flower more thoughts emerged.

How often we dismiss simple things around us. This exercise taught me a lot…never to dismiss anything lightly, look deeper and we can find joy and meaning beyond what seems at the surface.

Await viewer/reader comments


23 thoughts on “The bird and the flower

  1. Dear Suchi

    Am thrilled that you finally wrote such a deep, well thought out and meaningful poem cum story. Very unusual.

    Congrats. Hope that you will write regularly.

    Thank you very much


  2. When I hear about story telling I remember the hundreds of stories I had to make up when I lay down between my two children while putting them to sleep. Only then did I realize that despite being stories how much thought and imagination had to go into it.
    So here I am right now impromptu telling a story of the yellow flower and the bird.
    Oh little bird how lucky you are said the flower looking at the birdie. Tell me about the whole wide world you see while you fly around. The birdie stopped for a bit and said ..uhmm lucky! I never thought of it that way. I thought that you were the privileged one, not having to go around in search of food. The face of the yellow flower brightened up. ‘Oh ho I never thought of it that way too” said the yellow flower blushing 😊. ‘ We are both lucky indeed.’they sang together.
    The yellow glows bright.
    Little birdie flies in sight.
    Luck is all around.

    1. Shoba, I enjoyed your story too. No doubt, you kids enjoyed all your stories at bedtime:) Hope to read more of your writing too.

  3. Suchi, so fantastic to see your writing and painting. Loved your Haiku poetry. I am enamored by Haiku too. Your story, especially “Its wings dusted bright with yellow pollen” tells the story of how it helps propagate the plant’s life. Enjoyed all of it. Please do continue writing and painting dear friend. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you Kala..coming from you its a great great compliment..thank you🙏🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️❤

  4. Lovely poems, paintings and write-ups. I especially liked the reflections you’ve made to go with the poetry 🙂

    1. Thank you Lakshmi..this has helped me to get back to myself.. the journey we started last year thanks to Rohini and the rest of you ..❤❤..

      I also want to thank a lot of people including Beena the host of this site..who has been a significant part of this journey from my college are Shobha who commented and Geeta..all significant people from college days.. and last but not least..the phenomenal friend from school.. an artist whose colours and images are so vivid and literally capture our minds and speak so much to us..

  5. Thanks Suchitra. Love the paintings, the poems and the thoughts that go with them. Our ability to imagine stories is a wonderful thing indeed and allows us to uncover truths about ourselves that we were previously unaware of.


    1. Thank you Allan..I have admired the way you connect fantasy to reality..and the comment coming from you ..I am honoured🙏🙏

  6. Hi Suchitra,
    I was taught Haiku in 6th standard. Reading your post took me back to that day and classroom. I remember my English teacher, unsmiling and glaring at us over her spectacles, we were whispering to each other, wondering why on earth we are being taught this – back then I could not appreciate the beauty in it’s simplicity. (Why think about Haiku when there are Barbies to play with and Enid Blytons to devour?? 😀 )
    At the end of the class, the teacher announced that in a week’s time there would be a competition on Haiku writing. Now that really caught my attention (in it, to win it!). I don’t recall what I wrote about, but it was enough to get me some prize.
    Never thought about all this till now :-))
    I haven’t dabbled with Haiku since the 6th standard, but reading yours has given me such pleasure. Might try my hand at the 5-7-5 again 🙂

  7. Dear Terry,
    Its so wonderful to read your response on the Haiku.. I discovered Haiku much much later in life..

    Am glad it triggered something from your past..positive memories..that will take you down that path again..and would love to see your work here..

    Best wishes,

  8. Hi Suchitra,
    Art and poetry make such a lovely combo! Am happy you have delved into this joy.
    The splash of bright colours of the flower caught my eye and so did your picturesque lines “its wings dusted bright with yellow pollen”, and “gentle co existence.”
    Haiku took me down memory lane. Not only did I enjoy teaching Haiku to 5th & 6th graders I looked forward to reading what the young minds could create.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Dear Nalini,

      Thank you for your words of encouragement..hoping to contine on this journey..a passion I had hidden for many decades..

  9. The bird saw its own image reflected back by the flower .You have captured this harmony, of a beautiful invisible interaction of a profound merger. Loved the art and your words paint this picture of a lively “Secret Garden”. Thank you for sharing, Such.

    1. Dear Rohini,

      I could not have done all this without your help over the last year, to overcome my fears to be able to follow my passion of music, art, poetry…. to help me make helping me “find my inner voice” ..much much gratitude … hoping to pursue this journey to the hilt..

  10. Time for seeking and finding. …As life goes by and we transcend time from youth to middle age and then to being older.. It’s time for searching out our deeper talents and thoughts to reveal the hidden treasures we hold. Just like that bird who sought and found her fulfillment worm.
    Loved the Haiku too.

  11. Dear Suzy,
    Thank you for your response.. I am truly enjoying this phase of rediscovering the real me..and plan to continue with this journey as long as possible.❤❤

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