The Boy With An Umbrella

15th April 2024 Madam Lim and Fen Nee


Once again, we are fortunate to have a drawing from Madam Lim. Her daughter, Fen Nee, wrote the thoughts.


“Let your imagination run with this drawing. Madam Lim’s drawing evolves as she’s drawing it. A boy comes into being. Wait, what is he holding? A parachute? A balloon? A big ceremonial fan? It’s an umbrella! Oh, but where’s the rain? It’s dripping down the bottom of the umbrella. The boy is walking happily, quite sheltered. Or is he cycling down the road…


Her drawings always keep us guessing because they could mean many different things. It’s so cute and curious, so amusing😄😄.


My interpretation: I thought it was someone carrying an umbrella. An umbrella can afford shelter from rain and sun. But sometimes, we carry an umbrella, not because it is raining or sunny. We carry the umbrella to be in our world with our thoughts. Whatever may happen outside that umbrella does not matter. That umbrella protects the person😊🤗. That was how I felt when I saw this drawing. Once again, Madam Lim has set us thinking. Please post your comments😊🙏.


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