The Eye

19th October 2023 Lavender and Beena


Hello everyone. I have posted a painting by Lavender. She painted “The Eye” with poster colours. They say,” The eye is the window to the soul”.


I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I find poster paint difficult. The reason is that some colours are opaque. Even when the colours have dried, we can reawaken them with water. That messes with my painting. Lavender has done an incredible job in painting “The Eye”.


Please notice the antique ship and the storm clouds. The object at the top centre looks like the Egyptian Blue eye to ward off evil. So my little story here is, even during times of difficulty, have faith; one will overcome the obstacles if you let the storm wane.


I hope this painting will inspire you to write your thoughts in the comment section.



2 thoughts on “The Eye

  1. Very powerful image..strong, determined, fierce despite the flood of tears.

    The ship forges on with determination despite being in the ” eye of the storm”

    Many lessons for us to imbibe..go forth with conviction and strength despite adversities.

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