The Japanese Diner

29th April 2024 Beena

Hello everyone. I hope you liked the Japanese diner that I posted recently. A friend sent me a photo of an alley in Kyoto. I loved it because it reminded me of the Netflix series Midnight Diner. I painted this with watercolour paints that I received as a gift from a friend🙏. This was my first attempt at painting a nightscape, and capturing the lighting and shadows on the buildings was quite demanding. But then, by now, you all know how I love challenges💃🏽. A particular joy and empowerment comes from pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone😎.

Now, more about the Japanese diner. In that series, strangers go to have dinner at this place where the chef cooks what he has in the kitchen. Somehow, eating the food and sharing the day’s events makes everyone feel lighter when they head home. 

Reflecting on the Japanese diner series, it’s clear that open communication and support can make life feel lighter. If we have a few good friends with whom we can share our thoughts, the good, bad, and ugly, life’s burdens can be shared and lightened😊. 

Recently, I put this theory to the test during my monthly dinner with friends. I opened up about something that was bothering me, and one of my friends responded with such kindness and understanding. She invited me to drop in anytime for a chat, not just during our monthly dinners. This simple support and understanding made me feel significantly lighter and more at ease.

I hope we will always have someone to listen to, like the chef at this diner🫠🫠, when we feel down. Do you agree with me here? I would love to hear your thoughts 🤗🙏.


10 thoughts on “The Japanese Diner

  1. I share the same sentiments with you Beena. Most people are kind. When you share with them what bothers you, you’ll be surprised how happy they are that you trust them enough to share it with them.

    1. Yes Jen, that is true. But sometimes we feel like we don’t want to bother others with our issues. We may not know how full their plate is. That has happened to me. Hence I only share when the other person is keen to listen. I have had situations where I started talking n the other person started talking about her issues. But somehow listening to her, I felt better. So it is good to share.



  2. I didn’t realize until reading you post how hard it must have been to capture lightning in a night scene. I think you captured it very nicely 😊

    1. Thanks Allan

      Was never trained to look at perspective, but with art am learning that not only for painting, but at life too.


  3. Mealtimes were always special where family gets together to chit chat about the events of the day. With the advent of smart phones it has come to an end . Even in restaurants the only thing everyone worship is the phone.
    Happy to know that we are changing that dynamic and bonding as friends.
    With less cooking happening at homes getting together in restaurants is a time to bond at many levels whether it is for leisure or business purposes.
    Your painting is gorgeous and the company speaks volumes.

    1. Yes Shobs

      Lufe revolves around the phone these days. Nothing else matters. Even when some tragedy happens, its crucial to film it. But then it does become useful as evidence. Pros n cons of life.


  4. A problem shared is a problem lightened. Not only does talking about it gets it off one’s chest, sometimes, unexpectedly, one of the listeners is able to help. This happened to me when I was caught in a legal entanglement. Beena’s friend, whom I didn’t know well, was able to provide useful contacts which really saved the day for me. Eternally grateful.

  5. Dear Beena,

    First about your has such a warm feeling to it even though one does not see people etc…the effect has come out really well😍😍

    About having a group of people..or even just one person with whom you can share thoughts..thats so important and valid…

    Always there..just to let you know❤️❤️

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