The Lighthouse

30th May 2024 Joy


I painted the lighthouse in watercolour. I have been fascinated by lighthouses since I was a child. I wrote a story about the lighthouse and hope you enjoy reading it😊😊.


Imagine setting sail across still waters, gliding towards the open seaπŸ’ƒπŸ½.  As the wind picked up, urging the boat on, my eyes caught a stunning display of the setting sun😊😊.  Suddenly, the quiet is interrupted by a thunderous roar with an immediate clap of lightning!  Oh no…not now, not in the open sea😨😱.  Black clouds move in, and rain slashes mercilessly in seconds.  I can only pray for a miracle.  Then, from a distance, a steady light held my gaze…. Yes, the lighthouse. With every ounce of energy left, I fought against the raging waves, my hands gripping the wheel, trying to steer toward the light.  As I neared land, the rains and waves subsided, and shouts were heard from the direction of the cabin by the lighthouseπŸ™πŸ€—.


I hope to read your comments on my painting and story; thank you.

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