The Waiting Game

The “waiting game”.  It is indeed entertaining.  I have yet to figure it out, but here it is.  Most of the time, most of us are waiting for something.  For some future event to happen before we can make decisions.  Like when we get a better job, when we have more money, when we lose weight, when we get a bigger house….and so the list keeps growing.  We defer decisions for a time when “things” are just so.  Sometimes, we don’t realize we are doing this.  Other times, we do realize it, but can’t seem to stop ourselves from going down this path. 

I go shopping with a friend who says, “I don’t want to buy anything nice until I lose weight”.  She has been the same weight the last 5 years that I have known her and is wonderful, just the way she is.  Or how about me stressing out about the hors d’oeuvres that I need to pull together which determines when I invite friends over.  Friends say, “Trust us, we have food at home, we are not coming for the food.  We want to hang out with you.”  My heart knows this.  But tell that to my obsessive-compulsive mind. 

Meanwhile, while we are waiting for that perfect moment to launch something, life is passing us by.  So, for today, let us try this little game.  Close your eyes and think of one thing that you thought could wait, but doesn’t have to.  Then go ahead and do it.  As for me, I am calling friends over this weekend, with no grand planning about what I am going to feed them.  Perhaps we eat pizza and do something creative together.

So, are you waiting?

I paint in acrylics, pastels and digitally.  This acrylic painting is from my last trip to Italy in 2019.

5 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Dear Kala

    Thank you for your beautiful painting and a heart warming write up. Please continue to post your inspiring musings with your cheerful creations.

    Take care


  2. Colors are so vibrant – I love it! Also like the write-up very much. So well written and makes an important point. We certainly need to live in the NOW. Planning for the future is good (and can be fun in its own right) as long as it does not impede us from living the NOW. Fully agree with your sentiment. Thanks for sharing the painting and the story.

    1. Breathtaking painting, got me smiling!
      Taking cue from you, I am going to make that chocolate cake today, without waiting for an occasion!

  3. Glad that Kala inspired you to take charge. Only we can be our own best friend.

    Paint your chocolate cake😀😀

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