Time is Precious

3rd February 2022 Dr Beena

I wish to introduce art created by my friend Dr Tan Poh Tin. It is called Dough Art. She found this in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1993 during her travels. I have never heard of this art before. Now, this form of art uses two parts of dough to one part of salt. Add water to create the shapes that you wish to make. Then use acrylic paint to finish your design. To prevent mould formation, use shellac.

She created this beautiful clock from the dough. Now is that possible? Why do clocks fascinate us? It is still a puzzle. Could it be because clocks tell time? Time is precious. We never realise that until something happens. Have you heard someone say,” if only I could turn the clock around?” Or ” if only we could go back in time?” These words depict inevitable consequences. It is about something we wish we could have done or not done.

Time can fly, it can be so slow, or it can stand still๐Ÿ˜Š. It is about perception. When we are busy, time flies. When we are have nothing to do, time goes at a snail’s pace. When something terrible happens, it is like time stood still. It is still TIME!!!.

I hope the readers can share their thoughts on this art which I find very new. Some of you may have dabbled in it and found it to be therapeutic.

Till the next time, may you treasure time๐Ÿ˜Š.

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