Treasure Life’s Sweets

3rd August 2023 Mr Mani Menon


I don’t have many sweets in the package anymore.

I want to live next to human people, very human,

who know how to laugh at their mistakes,

and who are not inflated by their triumphs,

and who take on their responsibilities.

Thus human dignity is defended and we move towards

truth and honesty,

It is essential that makes life worth living.

I want to surround myself with people who know how

to touch hearts, people who have been taught by the

hard blows of life to grow with gentle touches of the soul.

Yes, I am in a hurry, I am in a hurry to live with the

intensity that only maturity can give.

I don’t intend to waste any of the leftover sweets.

I am sure they will be delicious, much more than what I

have eaten so far.

My goal is to reach the end satisfied and at peace with my loved ones

and my conscience.

We have two lives.

And the second begins when you realize you only have



Author Unknown

1 thought on “Treasure Life’s Sweets

  1. 3 gems from Mani Menon
    The editor must have had a tough times how to edit because every word has been chosen removing it might impact the overall verses negativly
    Kudos to Mani Menon whose fine lines continue to mesmerize the art inclined
    In fact this series could be the ‘Soorya’ series as a tribute to the Sun seen at the center of all pictures
    Great job Mani ! ! !

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