Tree In Autumn

18th August 2023 Ms Teresa Liew & Beena


Love the Autumn colors.  Autumn is very pleasant when the leaves turn into different colors and the temperature gets more bearable, but when the leaves fall, a sense of loss and indescribable faint sadness crippled into our sensory cells that makes me think of many, many things and feel like I am searching for something missing.


Many, many years ago, in my 30s, I happened to come across a person who read the past, told me it had to do with my past life experience.  It was a very sad romance story.  We were separated in September.  It was so traumatic that it still haunts me in this life.  He said:” You are still searching for the person but unfortunately if you do meet the person, the ending will be the same for this life.” Well, I love astrology, ancient Egyptian mythology (I took a course in university, too), Chinese folk tales, and fortune-telling.  I could easily accept what was told to me.  In my 40s, I went for a simple but modernised Chinese Numerology study.  I began to realise that our life is governed by numbers, and it’s similar to the Roman numbers, which are so powerful that the world and the universe are rotated based on the combination of numbers.  Through the interaction of numbers, sets of numbers, and series of numbers, many things become possible, including all the inventions we enjoy in our life now.


So I began to search for my soul using numbers.  Just make the story short, the study of Chinese numerology has opened up my mind, improve my wisdom, my perspective in life and the true purpose we come to this life.  I am no longer disturbed by the falling leaves so much now.  In fact, I begin to appreciate the autumn scenery as part of the life cycle.  Everything good comes after the bad😄.

2 thoughts on “Tree In Autumn

  1. Autumn gives me a sense of foreboding. While the colours of the trees look spectacular in their shades of yellow, orange and red, I can’t help thinking of their impending fall leading to the barrenness of the cold winter scape. I am truly a child of the tropics 😄.

  2. Thanks, Teresa, for penning your personal journey. It may be not easy for many to understand some incidents that happen in our lives. We love to find answers so that we have some closure. That would allow us to move on.

    I just love trees with leaves. Barren trees makes me wonder, especially in our tropical climate; did someone try to poison that tree, did the tree get some illness, or is it the natural cause for its own demise?

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