Turmeric and transparency

14th April 2022

Hello everyone😊. I hope everyone is faring well. I received a photo of this plant which I had never seen before. It is a turmeric plant. The plant looked exquisite and exotic. But what intrigued me about the plant was the transparency of the leaf petiole (stalk).

I used a limited palette of colours for the painting as the plant was virtually a light shade of green and yellow. However, I struggled with trying to create the curves of the leaf blades and the effect of transparency.

After a while, I realised it is quite a task to be transparent in our daily lives. Have you had that experience? Sometimes, we are angry or sad and fuming over something. Then a neighbour walks up to you and says hello. You shift from an angry face to a smiley one. Hahaha, it has happened to me so many times. But it has an advantage; your anger or whatever emotion you had dissipates. Sometimes, it does help to forget what caused that unpleasant emotion😉.

So in my painting, I didn’t capture transparency, just like in real life. But it does not matter. I was happy with the outcome. Turmeric is a rhizome grown in India and SE Asia. However, the Assyrians used turmeric as a dye during the 7th century BC. Many Asian cuisines use the fresh or dried version of the root. The flowers and leaves are in salads and provide a refreshing taste😊.

In the end, what matters is being content with the outcome. To be transparent or not is a decision one can choose to make😊. So don’t lose sleep over that😊. Until the next musing, be at peace😊. For all Indians, I wish everyone a Happy Vishu😊.

6 thoughts on “Turmeric and transparency

  1. To be transparent or not with our emotions really depends on the moment. If you are with people you are very comfortable with and can trust, you may let them know your true feelings. That is better than to have pent up anger or frustration festering within you. Perhaps you are right about how meeting your neighbour transformed your angry face to a smiley face and soon you may even forget about the cause of your anger. So it’s good to go out and interact with people if you can afford to not stay at home alone and brood over trivial matters. ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ was what my hubby often reminded me in the past. How true. So Beena, go out to meet people whenever you can. 😊

    1. Hi Jen
      Yes its good to interact. Like yesterday I met 2 total strangers for a short 30 minute meeting. It ended up with us chatting for more than 2 hours. Pleasant surprises is always good;)

  2. Beens,
    Transparency is a of gift our childhood
    We can be so and get away with it then
    Never in adulthood and we learn to wear masks
    It is important that we have few people with whom we can be transparent if not with everything , at least facets of our life
    Helps us to cope and distress
    Enjoy the attempt at transparency which is great

    1. Hahaha yes well said. We learnt to wear an invisible mask but now we wear a physical one too:). Yea, its not easy to be really transparent even with true friends.

  3. Hi Beena it’s been a long time since I looked up this site. Then I saw that beautiful painting of the turmeric plant. But the one I have in my garden seems different. Perhaps a different breed. Yes about being transparent,well it’s certainly not easy. We insist on and expect transparency in many things involving the public and corporate world it’s so important too.
    However on a personal level where our emotions and feelings are involved it’s not always possible. Like what others have mentioned we often mask ourselves. Often we are afraid to be honest as it is mistaken to be a weakness to lay yourself bare . Also some things that happen in our lives are too sensitive to be talked about. I admire those who are able to be open about everything . They are happy because they don’t have to carry their burden on their shoulders alone . I guess old habits die hard so sadly masks come in handy.
    So long Beema

    1. Hi Nila

      That turmeric plant was from a photo my friend sent to me. Its not common and my interest to paint it. The leaves were transparent and it is not easy to paint transparent leaves. Hence my story on transparency:):). Its not easy to be transparent.

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