17th October 2023 Mr Nandakumar


This is a watercolour painting of waterfalls. For those unfamiliar with watercolour, it is not easy to paint white. For other forms of medium, white is often painted at the end, layered above other colours. Watercolours are transparent by nature, so white will not be visible. Most artists will retain the paper’s white or use masking fluid, wax or other mediums like acrylic or gouache to create the white.


Waterfalls are nature’s creation of abundant water. They produce negative ions that promote good health. Watching a waterfall can be meditative and helps to lower our blood pressure. Hence, if you can see a waterfall, take some time to watch it. At the same time, be careful about the strength of water. We don’t want any accidents. However, you can be creative and do one in your own home, a small water feature.


I hope you enjoyed my painting 😊.

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