18th June 2022 Ms Vasanthi Arasoo

They come in all colours and float on water surfaces to adorn nature. Water lilies like all other flowers are nature’s creation to bring harmony into the lives of busy people, especially those who badly need peace and serenity in their lives.


My interest in water lilies blossomed from a quiet outing to Kew Gardens that brought me to a serene Water Lily Pond. The pond had a mystical feel about it. All life forms gaze into you as the pond is a perfect display of huge green leaves so strategically positioned in one corner and pretty lilies adorning the water as ducks swim happily in undisturbed surroundings. Everything seems to be in place with a certain joy of belonging to the pond. Just sitting by the Water Lily Pond brings a feeling of overwhelming peace into the soul.

Long after leaving the pond, the magical feel of being alongside it makes one long to return to the place. That certainly happened with three returning trips to Kew Gardens over a span of a decade. Now with the motivation of a fellow garden enthusiast, I have a few pots of water lilies that never fail to produce daily flowers to brighten up any day. Dr Beena’s painting of a single water lily floating alongside healthy leaves in clean reflective waters just brings back all the memories that linger with the admiration of this wonderful creation of nature.

Just like everything else in life, water lilies are not permanent too. However, they leave a sweet memory that makes the heart long for their return. Capturing a beautiful lily in a painting is indeed a wonderful idea of having peace with you at all times. May peace surround your soul as you gaze into this beautiful painting. 

1 thought on “Waterlily

  1. Hi Vasanthi,

    Thank you so much for contributing your story on a waterlily. In fact, I will now look at waterlilies from a different angle. Even though the beauty of waterlily perishes, the essence of that serenity that impacted us prevails. Fantastic! Inner beauty always prevails and nature has proven that to us in many ways. Hope to read more such stories from you:). Thank you very much

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