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When in Rome do as the Romans do

5th July 2021 Dr.Beena

We are familiar with that saying. I did not realize how life-saving it can be to blend with your surroundings. The above painting of my Frog in a Yoga pose is not exactly what the above saying implies. It is the reverse. The Frog stands out….


Let us begin with the technique of painting, first before we move on to why we need to blend. Oh yes, we blend colors in art. In this picture, I had much blending to do. When you paint leaves of different shades of green color, blending colors makes it more realistic. The technique I have used here is called wet on wet plus wet on dry.


Well, that’s for painting. Now in real life, as in nature, we know many animals and plants camouflage their colors to blend in with their surroundings. It’s for survival. Strangely, I have realized that in our lives too. When we embrace our environment, I find life is a bit easier. Many years ago, when I was in a foreign country, I would stand out because of the way I am. My color, the way I speak, the way I dress, and the list goes on. It’s not always undesirable, but sometimes, it is reasonable to stand out. I am sure you have read that Queen Elizabeth wears those clothes and hats with cheerful colors to stand out and not get lost in the crowd. It is a brilliant strategy. Therefore, to blend in or not is optional.


Now, let me relate my little experience. I was browsing around in some shops. I did not know the local language nor their culture. For some reason, I got separated from the rest of my group. At that particular shop, I saw this young boy who was managing the shop. Using sigh language, he pointed to me that there is more stuff upstairs. I decided to follow him. To my utmost dismay, there was this maze of shops upstairs managed only by men. I was petrified and wanted to get out of there quickly. Unfortunately, the little boy held my hand and took me to the end of that maze. That shop had three men. I did not understand their language. As I didn’t know what I should do, I decided to pay for a scarf and tee-shirt that was on the table. The boy said he would bring me safely back to the street. Once on the street, I saw someone from my group. I ran and hugged her and related what had happened. It was a harrowing experience but worth learning. Henceforth, before I travel, I would learn some local words that I may need and stay with my group. I made sure I had a plan B in case something like this were to happen.


Hence, does that saying stay good? Not sure, maybe sometimes based on circumstances. Nevertheless, safety is of paramount importance. When we remain alert, we can avert dangerous events. That’s exactly how animals in the wild stay safe by blending in with their surroundings. Not many of us have the protection that the Queen has.


Hope to hear comments or stories on the above saying. When I was young, I learned some of these sayings not fully comprehending how complex the meanings were. Till the next story, stay safe and make sure you write a story.

4 thoughts on “When in Rome do as the Romans do

  1. Hmm…not sure about blending and losing ones identity.. As for camouflage in the animal world do we really need to follow the same?

    Its definitely important to respect and follow the culture of the place…but at the same time one can hold on to ones identity in small ways.

    Being confident is extremely fear shows our vulnerability and can easily get us in trouble.

    And Yes..very important to know a few words in the local language as well be able to access a map on the phone or have a physical one to know where to go in case one is lost.

    1. Hi Suchi

      Good discussion point. Depends on context, you do not need to imbibe if you can stand on your own. But no man is an island. Maybe Tom Hanks in Wilson but it’s an uphill task. Maybe that’s why school kids wear uniform so that there is less chance of knowing the economic status of the child.

      But yes when you stand your ground there isn’t a need to assimilate. I suppose I should not have compared with nature.😅😅😅.

      Thanks for that discussion.


  2. I really like this painting although personally I am not a fan of frogs. The pastel colours really reflects the calmness of the yoga pose. Dr Beena’s painting is pleasing to the eyes and her advise about staying with the group when in a foreign land is certainly a good advice for we do not know the dangers that surround. Do keep painting and writing.

    1. Hi Vasanthi

      I dont fancy a frog too. But I liked this one only because of the yoga pose.


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